IOM members voted overwhelmingly in favour of a merger with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in June 2016.

The merger will further increase CILT’s breadth of expertise within the supply chains that support the movement and management of goods and people throughout the UK.

Embracing this change presents a significant opportunity for all members to share best practice and innovation. 



What happens to my IOM Membership?

From July to September we are transferring all current IOM members to the equivalent CILT membership grade as shown below. As soon as your membership is transferred we will send you a new CILT membership certificate and card.  You will retain your current renewal date and membership number, and will not be liable to pay any additional fees until it is time for your renewal. 

Please note if you are a current IOM Member – MIOM you will be automatically upgraded to a CILT Chartered Member – CMILT unless otherwise notified.

However, if you choose you can request to be graded as a CILT Member – MILT by contacting the Membership team on or (01536) 740104.

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How much will my membership cost?

IOM Grade

Equivalent CILT Grade

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow – FCILT


Chartered Fellow – FCILT


Chartered Member – CMILT





Part-time Student

Part-time Student

Full-time Student

Full-time Student

Learner Associate

Learner Affiliate

Apprentice Associate

Apprentice Affiliate

APICS Associate

No change

You can find CILT's membership fees here.

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Will my membership fees differ due to the merger?

Yes, the new fees* are here. Please note IOM members who currently pay the retired rate will follow the same membership grade change, but will pay the current CILT retired fee of £63 upon renewal.  

Please note, CILT membership fees* will fall in line with your current renewal date which means you will not be asked for additional fees* until your current membership is due.

*CILT fees are subject to change on 30th September 2016.

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I am a current member of both IOM and CILT what do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything. We will deactivate your IOM membership and, where applicable, upgrade your CILT membership to the equivalent grade. (For example, if you are an IOM Fellow and also a CILT Affiliate, we will upgrade your membership to CILT Chartered Fellow). 

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Am I due a refund?

In most circumstances no. However, if you are a member of both CILT and IOM and pay annually, you may be due a partial refund on your IOM membership. We will automatically issue refunds as a part of your regrade.

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I pay by Direct Debit will I need to contact you?

No, we will notify you of any changes to your payments the month before it is requested.  Please note, if you are a current joint IOM and CILT member and pay by monthly direct debit, no further payments will be taken for your IOM membership.

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Will I lose any of the benefits that I have with my IOM membership?

Not at all, indeed you will receive additional benefits.  The Operations Management journal will be integrated into Logistics & Transport Focus - look out for September’s Operations Management special edition. Thereafter, you will receive 12 copies per year, compared to the quarterly OM magazine.

You will also have access to a much wider range of events, networking opportunities and other CILT benefits.

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When will the process of transferring the IOM membership begin?

We will start transferring the IOM memberships from July and as it is a manual process we hope to have it all completed by September.

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Can I retain my IOM post-nominals?

Yes, you can continue using your IOM post-nominals on business stationery and curriculum vitae’s for long as you have an active CILT membership.

Please note that CILT will no longer be using the IOM post-nominals. 

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How will my post-nominals look and when can I start using them?

When you receive your new CILT welcome pack and membership certificate it will show you how to display your post-nominals if applicable.  You should not use CILT post-nominals until you have received your certificate confirming your new membership details.

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How do I get the most out of membership?

Please do not register on the CILT website until you have received your unique registration email. You will receive registration details by email once your CILT membership has been activated.

Once registered on the CILT website, go to ‘MyCILT’ to ensure your personal details and preferences are up to date and you are subscribed to the Operations Management forums.

If you receive your CILT welcome pack, but do not receive your registration email; please email:

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Will there still be an IOM website?

Whilst the merger is in progress, IOM members will continue to have access the IOM website and services.

Once your new CILT membership has been issued, you will receive a CILT website registration email which will allow you to specify the personal communications that you wish to receive from the Institute as well as access many other membership benefits. Please note your access to the IOM website will be removed once we have sent you this registration email.

The IOM website will be shut down completely at the end of the merger process in September.

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Why do I need to register for the CILT website? – Can’t you move my IOM account?

Although we already hold your contact details it is important your website account is securely created by you. You will need to click the link from the registration email, which will guide you on creating a unique username and password to ensure access is limited to just you.

You can use the same details as your IOM website login details if required, but they need to meet the following security requirements:

  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • A mixture of uppercase, lowercase  and numbers

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Will the merger affect my qualifications?

No, this will not affect your qualifications.  IOM’s Awarding Organisation (AO) was closed down a number of years ago following new rules put in place by OFQUAL. From the beginning of 2014, the IOM qualifications were retitled to CILT and became the responsibility of the CILT Awarding Organisation.   

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Will there still be IOM events?

Yes, but they will become CILT Operations Management (OM) Sector and Forum events. These are open to all members and you will also have access to all CILT regional and national events. 

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Will my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours transfer to CILT?

Yes, any registered CPD you accrued will be transferred to your new CILT CPD record.  Your new CILT membership will offer greater access to CPD opportunities.

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Will I still receive the IOM Newsletter?

Yes, but not in the current format. Operations management will feature regularly in CILT’s weekly email communications and within the monthly Focus journal.

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Will IOM courses be conducted by CILT?

IOM courses have been run by the CILT Professional Development team for a number of years and there will be no change to this.

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Will I get a new CILT membership certificate? 

Yes, you will get a new CILT membership certificate.  This will show your new CILT membership grade and current membership number. 

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Will I still receive the Operations Management journal?

No, the quarterly operations management will feature regularly in CILT’s monthly Logistics & Transport Focus journal from September. Focus is sent exclusively to members every month and is also available online.

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How can I upgrade my membership?

In the normal way, by contacting the membership team at

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Can I still join the Institute of Operations Management?

As the IOM has now merged with CILT, you cannot join the IOM directly. All of the benefits of IOM membership are now offered as a dedicated CILT Operation Management Professional Sector which CILT members have exclusive access to.

Join CILT today and be part of our 18,000 strong membership of professionals involved in all aspects of Logistics, transport and Operations Management.

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What happens to my IOM Mailing Categories?

Unfortunately you will have to reset your Mailing Categories (which email communications you receive) once your CILT membership has been activated. But don’t worry it is extremely easy to do, once you have registered your online account please got MY CILT and select My Mailing Categories.

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Who can I contact to find out more information?

For membership related enquiries contact

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