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Chartered Membership

Status and recognition

Use internationally-recognised designatory letters after your name to give you a competitive advantage. Benchmark your knowledge and experience to employers, colleagues and customers with the highest grades of membership.

Chartered Membership of the Institute is a senior professional grade of membership. It is an internationally recognised and highly valued professional title that is not only a significant personal achievement but also acts as accreditation of an individual's professional competence and standing.

Could you be eligible for Chartered Membership? What would it do for you and your career? Select from the Related Links below for more information, or use the Routes to Chartered Membership online tool.

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What is Chartered Membership?

Chartered Membership is the Institute's senior professional grade of membership. Only professional bodies that have been granted the Royal Charter can award chartered membership, such as: chemical, electrical, civil and mechanical engineers; certified, chartered, public finance accountants: and surveyors.

As the UK body of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) International, CILT(UK) is responsible for admitting applicants to the grades of chartered member of the Institute, using criteria and processes approved by the International Council of CILT. Its Royal Charter was granted in 1926.

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Why should I work towards Chartered Membership?

Chartered Membership of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK is an internationally recognised and highly valued professional title. It is a significant personal achievement and acts as accreditation of an individual's professional competence and standing. Chartered Membership indicates the ability to:

It shows that you can:

  • Exercise professional judgement
  • Assume responsibility for planning and direction
  • Influence strategy through innovation, creativity and change
  • Apply principles to develop and apply new technologies, promote advanced designs and design methods, introduce new and efficient techniques and concepts and pioneer new services and management methods
  • Manage and direct high risk and resource-intensive projects

What a statement to be able to add to your CV!

There are many benefits and ways of using your Chartered Member status, such as:

  • Establish contact with 'like minded' people and meeting at the appropriate professional level
  • Gain enhanced credibility - Chartered Members are elected by their peers
  • Act as encouragement to others by becoming a referee for member applications
  • Influence Institute policy and strategy by working with committees, Forums and other professional networks, and generally taking an active part in the affairs of the Institute and the profession it represents

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What are the benefits of becoming a Chartered Member?

You can use your chartered membership to establish contact with likeminded colleagues and meet them at the appropriate professional level. Your credibility will be enhanced because chartered members are elected by their peers.

You will be given a louder voice within the Institute and the opportunity to influence Institute policy and strategy through working with committees, Forums and Faculties and other professional networks. You will generally have a greater active part to play in the affairs of the Institute and the profession it represents.

You can also act as an encouragement to others by becoming a referee for member applications.

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Who is eligible for Chartered Membership?

Currently, there are over 5,000 Chartered Members in the UK, involved in all aspects of logistics and transport and across a range of disciplines and sectors. No one area is excluded and all applicants are judged against the same criteria by a panel. This ensures the necessary peer review and consistency of standard and openness.

The various routes into chartered membership reflect the variety of applicants, including those who have achieved CILT(UK) qualifications or CILT(UK) accredited degrees. There are also routes for potential chartered members with a different mix of qualifications.

The criteria cover two distinct areas that must both be met: educational attainment and level of managerial responsibility. In general terms, knowledge, understanding and application are required to at least honours degree level, plus seven years' managerial experience, at least two of which have been at senior level.

Note: Should your degree be CILT accredited, a mimimum of only four years' managerial experience, at least of two of which have been at senior level, is required.

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How do I apply and how much does it cost?

The cost for application varies according to the route taken. The annual subscription for a Chartered Member is £174.00.

You can apply for an application form by contacting the Membership Department or you can download the Chartered Membership upgrade form here.

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What do I get if I am successful?

As soon as you have been elected to Chartered Membership, you are entitled to use the internationally recognised post-nominals of CMILT and you will receive a membership certificate stating your grade.

The grade of Chartered Member also denotes full membership of the CILT International, the holder of the Royal Charter. You will receive regular copies of CILT World, the international journal of CILT. You will have voting rights on CILT(UK) matters, and on CILT international matters. In addition, Chartered Members meeting certain conditions can apply for CPC exemptions.
If you are successfully elected as a Chartered Member, you are firmly on the route to becoming a Chartered Fellow (FCILT).

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How do organisations benefit from having Chartered Members?

Organisations from all sectors benefit from encouraging their employees to gain chartered membership.

For example:

  • Staff are trained to an internationally recognised standard, based around individual achievement that can be formally accredited
  • Accreditation against flexible standards that suit a wide variety of job roles, competencies, business needs and type of organisation
  • It is a benchmark for employee development, departmental achievement, HR management, company performance, parliamentary matters – and, of course, industry-wide comparison
  • It identifies the organisation as one that invests in professional standards
  • It denotes progressive development through Institute qualifications to this significant grade

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