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Welcome to Aviation Policy Group

Chairman: Paul LeBlond


The Aviation Policy Group comprises a group of professionals from the airline and airport sectors that reviews current and proposed policies for aviation and provides, where appropriate, expert advice to government.

The Committee meets quarterly, and is regularly active throughout the year in responding to consultations and other events.

Over many years, CILT has advised Government, and the logistics and transport industry, by using the expertise of its members who speak from widespread knowledge but are independent of any particular trade group or business. 

In particular, CILT has contributed fully to the work of the Airports Commission, as well as to Parliamentary Inquiries and Government consultations. CILT supported the Airports Commission’s recommendations, both in their Interim Report of December 2013 relating to a range of improvements at a number of airports, in particular to surface access, and also in their Final Report of July 2015 in terms of the recommended option.

The Group, also taking account of views across the Institute, prepared its contribution to the CILT Vision 2035, which was published in August 2014 as The Future of Aviation and can be found here


Government Announcement on Additional South East Runway.

On the 25 October 2016, after many decades of evaluating various locations, the Government has decided in favour of a new runway at Heathrow.

We believe the Government’s decision to support the provision of an additional runway at Heathrow should be made into a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties.

Paul Le Blond, Chair, Aviation Policy Group, CILT says: “The end to uncertainty over airports policy is welcomed by logistics and transport professionals, whichever option they supported, but there can be benefits for all parties, who can now take action to ensure that the decision is implemented in the best possible way for all. 

We believe logistics and transport operators, from airlines to freight companies, should use the opportunities that this decision will bring to plan long-term investments in more sustainable infrastructure, equipment and working practices, in order to create a lower carbon footprint and to meet air quality standards.

We also believe communities around the airport should seize the opportunities created for employment and for supplying the expanding airport, not just immediately, but over a long-term period, through education, training and entrepreneurship”.

Daniel Parker-Klein, Head of Policy, CILT says: “Government must ensure that the benefits of the decision are fully realised. The conditions set by the decision, related to aircraft noise, air quality and road traffic, must be strictly enforced. This will enable improvements to roads, rail and other infrastructure to be properly planned and investment justified, it will send messages to the aviation industry about the need to continually improve environmental performance, and it will help towards meeting quality of life targets”.

Kevin Richardson, Chief Executive, CILT, says: “The whole of the UK must benefit from this decision. As well as the new runway providing better connectivity from the regions to London and then to the world, the Government should publish a draft National Policy Statement as soon as possible so that the UK’s airports and the airlines which they serve can see a clear strategy ahead, local authorities can plan properly for growth and surface access providers can implement the improvements for many of the airports”.

Reports and Presentations

A seminar on UK airports after the Airports Commission, 12 April 2016 at Loughborough University.
The presentations from the seminar can be found here.

Aviation Policy Group Committee

Paul Le Blond - Chairman Brian Finch
Richard Botwood Peter Forbes
Tom Carter Sid Foster
Alastair Duff  JohnHardey
Martin Evans  GerryLambe
Alastair Barbour  EddieRedfern 
Christopher Mankelow James Russell
John Morris Andrew Sharp
David Parish Kenneth Swallow
Daniel Parker-Klein Martin Weeks
Robert Pettigrew Samantha Atherton
Robin Thomas


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