Road Transport

CILT offers a growing series of specialised training courses in all aspects of road transport. Whether at the wheel of a bus, a coach or a goods vehicle, the modern-day driver is a highly skilled professional and should be regarded as such. With the current economic climate imposing a significant strain on the budget of any fleet operator, now is the time to look at your drivers as highly skilled professionals and as the potential supervisors, transport managers or operations managers of tomorrow, and invest in their development. 

Compliance-based courses – CPC

We offer compliance-based courses designed to meet the requirements for the Driver CPC Periodic Training (DCPC), courses to meet the granting of a standard Operator’s ‘O’ Licence for both freight and passenger transport (CPC) and for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (DGSA).  We also offer refresher courses to ensure you are up to date with current legislation and are able to provide bespoke in-co training based on training needs analysis.

To help organisations wishing to offer their own in-house driver CPC training, we offer Train the Trainer courses and provide support in gaining approval from the relevant authorities.  The majority of the public courses can also be delivered at your company premises.   

Certificate of Compliance (Road Transport Operations)

Course duration: 1 Day


This course has been designed to provide an overview of the requirements for the Operators Licence for Road Freight or Passenger transport personnel who do not need to have the full Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. The programme identifies with the declaration (statement of intent) and encompasses best practice control mechanisms.

Course Content: Topics covered in the course include:
  • Background to the Operators Licence
  • Drivers hours and records
  • Vehicle roadworthiness and defect reporting
  • Driver licensing
  • Speed limits
  • Load security and overloading
  • General legislation awareness and safe fleet operations

Learning Outcomes: 
By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Recount your responsibilities under the terms of the Operators (O) Licence.
  • Recount processes and procedures regarding  DVSA official roles and responsibilities
  • State the process for carrying out a driving licence check to ensure drivers have the correct driving entitlement.
  • Identify which documents must be used when completing vehicle checks and how they should be completed
  • List the process for dealing with vehicles with defects
  • Recount the basic principles of Drivers hours legislation


This course is aimed at personnel who have responsibility for vehicles and drivers but whose position may not necessitate the acquisition of the Transport Manager’s Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Certificates are issued on successful completion of a formal assessment at the end of the course.

As the programme content is key to the CPC examination, this course can also be used as an introduction for those wishing to progress onto the CPC.  The programme can be tailored to ‘best-fit’ the specific operational requirements.

Target Audience:   Transport office staff (traffic operators) and Supervisory staff, consultants, senior drivers.

Location and Dates: In company flexible depending on customer requirements, Corby, London

Fees:     As agreed with Customer
                   Standard fee - £605

                                           CILT/IOM Member fee - £495


CPD hours


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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)

The Regulations require organisations involved in the transportation, loading or unloading of dangerous goods above certain load thresholds by any of these modes of transport, appoint one or more DGSAs.

Dangerous Good Safety Advisor (DGSA)

Course duration: 7 days

Overview: The regulations require organisations involved in the transportation, loading or unloading of dangerous goods above certain load threshold by any of these modes of transport, appoint one or more DGSAs. 

Course Content: This is an intensive course covering transport units, marking and placarding, documentation, compliance thresholds, filing, stowage, loading and segregations, cleaning or decontamination, operational procedures, emergency response requirements, environmental protection and legal framework.  

There is an examination element which is split into three, each covering a specific subject area:

  • Core
  • All Classes
  • Road Module 

Learning Outcomes: Learners will be equipped with the skills to perform the duties of the DGSA.
  • Monitoring compliance with rules governing transport of dangerous goods.
  • Advising business on the transport of dangerous goods
  • Prepare annual reports on the business activities in the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Monitor procedures and safety measures
  • Investigate and compile reports on any accidents or emergencies
  • Advise on potential security aspects of transport.

Benefits: It is a legal requirement that every DGSA holds this qualification, which has to be revalidated every five years. No grandfather rights apply.

Target Audience: This course aims at those involved in the storage, handling and transportation by road of dangerous goods above designated load thresholds.

Sector Relevance: Supply Chain, Freight Forwarding  

Location and Dates: Corby 
Fees: Standard fee - £1,175*

*Excluding examination fees and books. SQA examinations are £285, refer to the SQA website for updated fees. These are charged in addition to the above. Entrance for the exam can be arranged at one of the SQA approved examination centres through CILT, contact the Professional Development team, Tel: 01536 740166, email:

CPD hours

The DfT is the competent authority with regard to the movement of dangerous goods (HSE also has responsibility for certain aspects) in the UK and the application of the European Directive. 

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Driver CPC

Here at CILT we offer structured, professional and client specific Driver CPC training that FULLY meets the EU Directive. Whether you are responsible for moving people or freight we can supply the right DCPC training for you.


Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC)

Course duration: 7 hours minimum

The Driver CPC is for professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout the UK. It has been developed in line with EU Directive 2003/59 and it is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of these drivers throughout their working life.

Course Content:
Course content is dependant on which programme is selected, each programme has been aligned to the requirements of the syllabus for the Driver CPC.

Learning Outcomes:
The seven-hour programmes are designed to up-skill drivers and provide them with information relevant to their own safety welfare and a sound knowledge base of the key compliance issues.  The programmes available are:

7 hour modules
  • Safe and compliant Driver
  • Accomplished Driver
  • Professional Driver
  • Proficient Driver
  • Driver Excellence

3.5 hour modules
  • Customer Service
  • Safety/Security of vehicle and load
  • Analogue/Digital Tachograph and Drivers Hours
  • Health Diet and Fatigue Management
  • Pre vehicle checks
  • Route Planning

The series of programmes form part of the legal requirement for all vocational drivers.  It is anticipated both the driver and the operator will benefit from the sessions with the driver having a full appreciation of their role and how this fits with the requirements of the operators licence.

Target Audience:   All vocational drivers.

Sector Relevance:   All Sectors

Location and Dates: Public courses available throughout the year Flexible in-company depending on customer requirements

Fees:   Public courses – please call for details
             In-company - As agreed with Customer CPD hours:   

Trainer Development Opportunities

Here at CILT we understand getting your message across in the right way can be daunting for some. Whether it be to a classroom full of eager learners or to a small group of senior managers the thought of being “at the front” can be challenging. In either case we can offer a range of development opportunities to support you.

Train the Trainer (DCPC)

Course duration: 2 Days

This two-day programme covers in detail the elements required in the development and delivery of a training course for the Driver CPC syllabus.

Course Content:

Topics covered in the course include:
  • Training needs analysis
  • Compiling lesson plans
  • Delivery Styles
  • Motivating learners
  • Using effective body language
  • Assessment of learning
  • Evaluation
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course participants will be able to:
  • State the basic principles of Training needs analysis
  • Complete a basic training plan
  • Deliver an effective presentation
  • Recount the principles of good body language
  • Undertake an evaluation of training delivery
The course will enable participants to develop, deliver and evaluate Driver CPC training sessions in-house.  It is useful to both inexperienced and experienced trainers who would like to add this to their skillset.

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to be able to develop and deliver driver CPC courses.

Sector Relevance: All Sectors

Location and Dates: Open courses available throughout the year.  In-company flexible depending on customer requirements.

Fees: Agreed with Customer.

CPD hours:  

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Transport Managers CPC

Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence - Road Haulage and Passenger transport

A qualification issued on behalf of all EU national transport departments (DfT in UK)

Course duration: 9 days


A requirement for the granting of a standard ‘O’ licence for both road and passenger transport operations is that the licence holder either holds, or has access to the services of someone who holds, a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Current legislation imposes restrictions on the number of operator licences and vehicles on which an external associate CPC holder can be named.
Course Content: The new format offered by CILT, for road and passenger, involves seven days of tuition and an optional one-day revision workshop concluding with the examinations day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Holder fully understands the subject matter and maximises his / her potential.
  • Holder is fully proficient with the processes and procedures necessary to hold the CPC
  • Holder is up to date on all legislation affecting the operation of the transport depot


Everyone involved in road/passenger transport that operates vehicles for hire and reward must demonstrate evidence of professional competence. The Transport Manager CPC qualification confirms that the holder has acquired the relevant knowledge and skills to carry out his or her duties and is able to comply with the latest regulations.

Target Audience:

These courses are aimed at transport managers or those aspiring to this role who will have the responsibility for the holding of the ‘O’ licence.
Sector Relevance: Supply chain, freight forwarding and bus and coach.

Location and Dates: See below

Fees: Costs illustrated are inclusive of training, course notes, examination fees and lunch.
£1170 – Inclusive of one year’s membership subscription at Learner Affiliate level
A concession may be applicable for existing CILT members wishing to undertake a CPC course. Please contact the Professional Development team for details.


Course X 5 Days
Course x 2 Days
Revision Day
Exam Day
18th Jan - 22nd Jan  26 – 27th Jan  1st Feb  2nd Feb
7th – 11th March
 21st – 22nd March  4th April  5th April
16th – 20th May  31st May – 1st June  6th June  7th June
18th – 22nd July  25th – 26th July  8th  Aug  9th Aug
12th – 16th Sept  6th – 7th Oct  10th  Oct  11th  Oct
21st – 25th Nov  1st – 2nd  Dec  12th  Dec  13th Dec

Course X 5 Days
Course x 2 Days
Revision Day
Exam Day
4th – 8th Jan
11th – 12th  Jan
13th  Jan
2nd  Feb
14th – 18th March
30th – 31st March
1st April
5th  April
9th – 13th May
25th – 26th May
27th May
7th June
11th – 15th July
27th – 28th July
29th July
9th  Aug
19th – 23rd  Sept
3rd – 4th  Oct
5th Oct
11th Oct
14th – 18th Nov
28th – 29th  Nov
30th  Nov
13th  Dec


Course X 5 Days
Course x 2 Days
Revision Day
Exam Day
11th – 15th Jan 28th – 29th Jan
1st Feb
2nd Feb
14th – 18th  March 31st Mar – 1st April
4th April
5th April
9th – 13th  May 26th – 27th May
6th June
7th June
11th – 15th July 4th – 5th Aug
8th Aug
9th Aug
19th – 23rd Sept 29th – 30th Sept
10th  Oct
11th  Oct
14th – 18th Nov
8th – 9th Dec
12th  Dec
13th Dec

Course X 5 Days
Course x 2 Days
Revision Day
Exam Day
18th – 22nd Jan 25th – 26th Jan
27th Jan
2nd Feb
7th – 11th March 21st – 22nd March
23rd March
5th  April
16th – 20th  May 31st  May – 1st June
2nd June
7th June
18th – 22nd July 1st – 2nd  Aug
3rd Aug
9th Aug
12th – 16th Sept 26th – 27th Sept
28th Sept
11th Oct
21st – 25th Nov
5th – 6th Dec
7th Dec
13th Dec

Need help in preparing for an Operators Licence Audit?

What is an audit?

It is simply a comprehensive review of an organisation's adherence to Operators Licence standards. CILT’s auditors review a range of procedures over the course of an audit to ensure operators are legal and working to the standards expected by the Traffic Commissioner.

How we can help

At CILT, we offer a bespoke audit by our in-house IRCA qualified Auditors. All audits are independent and free from pressure or internal agendas. CILT audits are in depth to determine your compliance status with the "Operators" Licence standards. We save you time, we explain regulations and requirements and the corrective action required in one easy to read audit report giving you the chance to put things right.

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