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Seed Corn Research Fund

Enabling the exploration of transport, supply chain and logistics issues in the UK and Ireland. The Seed Corn Fund was set up to provide a small research grant on a ‘seed corn’ basis to enable supply chain, logistics and transport researchers in the UK and Ireland to explore issues of current and academic interest. The fund helps to encourage UK and Irish universities to develop their research capabilities. By supporting small scale research projects in universities, the grant assists researchers working in emerging (research) groups in the hope that this will lead to the development of larger scale projects which will be able to attract funding from other commercial and public sources.

With this in mind, it is unlikely that the funding for any one project under this scheme will exceed £7,500 other than in exceptional circumstances. 

Guidance on what can be included in the budget can be found here.

2021/22 Seed Corn Funding is now closed.

Contact the Institute for more information on the Seed Corn Research Fund.

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