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Seed Corn Research Fund

Enabling the exploration of transport, supply chain and logistics issues in the UK and Ireland.  The Seed Corn Fund was set up to provide a small research grant on a ‘seed corn’ basis to enable supply chain, logistics and transport researchers in the UK and Ireland to explore issues of current and academic interest.The fund helps to encourage UK and Irish universities to develop their research capabilities.  By supporting small scale research projects in universities, the grant assists researchers working in emerging (research) groups in the hope that this will lead to the development of larger scale projects which will be able to attract funding from other commercial and public sources.

With this in mind, it is unlikely that the funding for any one project under this scheme will exceed £7,500 other than in exceptional circumstances.

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2019/20 Seed Corn Funding Applications - NOW CLOSED! Watch this space for 2020/21 application dates.

Guidance on what can be included in the budget can be found here.

All submissions and enquiries should be made to:   

Ellena Edwards, Learning and Development Coordinator   


Tel: 01536 740111


Previous Successful Applicants

The Successful applicant for 2019/2020 was:

Dr Akilah Jardine and Dr Alexander Trautrims, University of Nottingham, for "Modern slavery and labour exploitation risks in road freight transport and warehousing: An East Midlands case study of risks and prevention."

The successful applicants for 2018/19 were:

Dr Chia-Hsun Chang, Liverpool John Moores University, for "Risk evaluation of maritime autonomous surface ships in the UK". 

Dr Emrah Demir, Cardiff University, "Truck Platooning: The Future?"


The successful applicant for 2017/18 was:

Dr Debbie Hopkins, University of Oxford, for "Gender, Freight and Automation: The Future of UK Goods Mobility"


The successful applicants for 2016/17 were:

Dr Katherine Plant, University of Southampton, for "Improving hospital storeroom usability"

Dr Erica Ballantyne, Sheffield University Management School, for "The business of location: transport planning for the logistics workforce"


The successful applicants for 2015/16 were:

Dr Graham Heaslip, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland for, “Learning from Humanitarian Aid: the development of a supply chain innovation model” Dr George Maglaras, University of Stirling for, “Exploring the effects of power dynamics on commercial practices within supply networks: insights from the UK grocery sector”

Final Report 

Liam Fassam, University of Northampton for, “Supply chain food crime: can behaviours of supply chain factors affect food integrity”

The successful applicants for 2014/15 were:

Dr Rachel Aldred, Westminister University for, “Buses & cycles: using microsimulation modelling to explore interactions and delays”

Dr Claudia Colicchia, University of Hull for, “Enhancing cyber resilience in supply chains”

The successful applicants for 2013/14 were:

Dr Trung Thanh Nguyen, Liverpool John Moores University for, “A virtual port simulation/ optimisation framework to improve internal logistics and transport of container terminals in the UK and North West Europe”

Dr Ying Kei Tse, University of York, The York Management School for, “Exploring quality risk in the food supply chain : strategic insights from horsemeat scandals”

The successful applicants for 2012/13 were:

Dr Jeff Jia, University of Exeter, for “Impact of 3D printing technology on traditional food production supply chain – a case study on chocolate production”

Professor David Menachof, University of Hull, for “Building a virtual game to create logistics awareness in our youth : The Xbox Kinect project”

The successful applicant for 2011/12 was:

Professor John Parkin, London South Bank University for, “A pilot study to investigate good vehicle driver and cycler user interaction”

Recent Seed Corn Research Reports

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