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Supply Chain Visibility, Insight and Collaboration:
Oracle Webinar Series


Supply chains have become a strategic board room topic as each organisation looks to not only remain a going concern but also serve the customers of today and tomorrow. Data plays a key role in enabling simultaneous delivery of the 5C performance drivers (Cost, Customer Experience, Carbon Footprint, Compliance and Human Capital). To understand data and collaborate successfully organisations must:

a)      Track, trace, and improve transparency and trust

b)      Have speed in decision-making and aligned execution

c)      Plan and collaborate across the network 

Oracle, with support from CILT(UK), is delighted to welcome you to book your place at the webinars to discuss three differing aspects of supply chain visibility.  The webinars will be “fireside chats” for approximately 45 minutes.

Webinar One: Harnessing IoT and Blockchain to track, trace and improve transparency and trust

Join us for the first of three sessions as we focus on Harnessing IoT and Blockchain to track, trace, and improve transparency and trust, where we will discuss how multi-dimensional visibility and transparency is key to ensure trust amongst the multiple partners to deliver value to the customer. 


The webinar will consider:

  • Realisation of supply chain visibility:  end-to-end; multi-tiered and real-time
  • Typical challenges to obtain multi-dimensional visibility and transparency
  • Customer examples of technology adoption


When:             Thursday 1 October

Time:              11.30 – 12.15

Where:           Zoom Webinar

Facilitator:      Vikram Singla FCILT, Strategy Director – Digital Transformation, Oracle & CILT(UK) Board Member

Guests:           Professor Michael Bourlakis FCILT, Head of the Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management Group, Cranfield Univeristy and Karl O'Connell, CIO, Irish Cattle Breeders Federation.

This is a free event. Book your place today!

Webinar Two: Dynamic insight for supply chain professionals; data, discovery & decision-making

Having multi-dimensional visibility and trust in the supply chain is a good foundation to make effective decisions. However, speed of decision making and ensuring those decisions get implemented are key to ensure the tricky balance of 5Cs is delivered.

In part two of this series we will discuss trends in the field of supply chain analytics and how to glean insights and improve decision making with machine learning predictions based on unified machine, product, customer, and operational data.

This webinar will consider:

  • Typical challenges that prevent speedy decision making and aligned execution
  • Near real-time access to value chain and machine data, and the possibilities this unlocks for decision-making capabilities
  • Client case studies:

- Holistic analytical dashboards to understand 5Cs in a single place
- Machine learning / artificial intelligence-based intelligent advisors based on unified machine, product, customer and operational data
- IoT based monitoring for exception management
- Reducing development and implementation costs


When: Tuesday 27 October

Time: 11.30 – 12.15

Where: Zoom Webinar

Facilitator: Vikram Singla FCILT, Strategy Director – Digital Transformation, Oracle & CILT(UK) Board Member

Guests:  Amy Shortman FCILT, Overhaul Group and Denis Senpere, Vice President, Inspirage Europe


This is a free event. Book your place today!

Webinar Three: Collaboration and the connected enterprise; de-risked decisions & predictive planning

Continuous and connected enterprise planning is key to ensure the market and supply dynamics are effectively and efficiently managed. In the final webinar of this series, we will dive into supply chain collaboration with supply network partners to improve predictability and manage risk, explore the feasibility of united planning across functions and the evolution towards continuous planning.


This webinar will consider:

  • How unexpected events and supply chain disruptions can be taken into consideration in adapting your plans
  • Typical challenges that prevent continuous and connected planning
  • Approaches to reduce development and implementation costs 
  • Client case studies:
  1. Combining supply chain data with finance performance data to see the effect of supply chain disruptions on P&L and Balance Sheet
  2. Planning advisors that empower planners with prioritised issue escalation and guided resolution, freeing time for more strategic planning activities
  3. Work and share data together with suppliers and suppliers’ suppliers to create greater visibility throughout the supply chain
  4. Managing outsourced manufacturing capacity


When:             Tuesday 24 November

Time:               11.30 – 12.15

Where:            Zoom Webinar

Facilitator:      Vikram Singla FCILT, Strategy Director – Digital Transformation, Oracle & CILT(UK) Board Member

Guests:           Professor David B Grant, Professor of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken School of Economics and Chris Cottington, Operational Design Director, Wolseley UK


This is a free event. Book your place today!