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DOPsys Overview

DOPsys (Deliver, Offload & Position System) is the world’s first certified process for technical distribution and last mile delivery. The DOPsys process was developed with a view to bringing excellence to the last mile through quality process and training. DOPsys is accredited through CILT (UK) and is the first world standard governing last mile technical distribution.

DOPsys delivers a consistently high-standard in technical distribution for service providers delivering the service and more importantly for their clients and end users procuring the service.  

DOPsys “Your Last Mile Manager” deals with the technical processes, the personnel training, the service specific insurance, the IT infrastructure, the specialist mechanical handling equipment and the transport vehicles required to ensure a Premium Technical Distribution Service.


The DOPsys qualification is a certification of quality, technical ability and best practice procedures for Technical Distribution companies who implement the DOPsys programme and who invest in the skillsets and physical equipment needed to carry out technical distribution jobs correctly.

There are three levels to DOPsys full Certification – Technician, Team Leader and Project Manager – each building on the previous.  Each level can be separately certified, but in order to achieve Certified DOPsys Project Manager, the candidate will need to have, either, completed both previous levels, or provided evidence to the Assessor of prior learning and experience at the lower level.

Derivation of the DOPsys Learning Programmes

DOPsys uses the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model as the basis for the establishment of the necessary competences to be certified at any level.  The SCOR model provides a unique framework that links performance metrics, processes, best practices, and people into a unified structure. The framework supports communication between supply chain partners and enhances the effectiveness of supply chain management, technology, and related supply chain improvement activities.

Organisational benefits of adopting the SCOR model include:
Rapid assessment of supply chain performance
Clear identification of performance gaps
Efficient supply chain network redesign and optimization
Enhanced operational control from standard core processes
Streamlined management reporting and organizational structure
Alignment of supply chain team skills with strategic objectives
A detailed game plan for launching new businesses and products
Systematic supply chain mergers that capture projected savings.

The installation processes are detailed under the Management processes of “Deliver” and this is within the ‘Make to Order’ or ‘Engineer to Order’ environment.  The detailed competences listed are covered under the SCOR Deliver processes of sD2.8 – to sD2.14 and also sD3.8 to sD3.14, which are essentially the following processes:

Receive product from Source or Make
Pick Product
Pack Product
Load Product and Generate Shipping Docs
Ship Product
Install Product

The Certification has been designed to follow these SCOR processes while taking into account the 4 step approach. 

This process refers to the provision of all installation services both ‘Standard’ and ‘Complex’ as defined below.

Standard Job: A standard job is usually conducted on a single non-complex site and involves the installation of single units.

Complex Job: A complex job is any job or project which due the nature of the site, product or other requirements requires more detailed Assessment, Planning and on-site supervision during the Execution Stage.

Training Courses

Training courses are designed for personnel operating in technical distribution and logistics companies or also for personnel in manufacturing and distribution companies procuring this service. Training is delivered by Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) either by face to face or by blended learning via DOPsys online campus.


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