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Why is there a need for an international last mile technical distribution standard? 

In a recent manufacturer’s survey, it was highlighted that last mile technical distribution was the key area that constantly let them down. Their top three concerns were:

1. Their reputation towards clients
2. Cost of ‘last mile’ deliveries
3. Damage to goods.

The DOPsys process standardises the methodology and competence required to ensure consistency in ‘last mile’ technical distribution and address all three of the above concerns. 

What is  DOPsys? 

It is a systematic method of introducing technical distribution excellence into an organisation. The DOPsys process builds, compliments and enhances existing systems using a simple step-by-step standardised methodology. DOPsys provides comprehensive, world-class documentation, training and procedures.

Why should technical distribution companies adopt the DOPsys standard? 

Most technical distribution companies (3PLs) have their own standard of excellence for ‘last mile’ deliveries. However, DOPsys allows them to align their process to an international standard to prove to manufacturers that they operate to an international standard. This will assist in winning new business and ensure they are a preferred supplier over those who are not operating to the DOPsys standard. 

In addition to securing business, the training programs are focused on real world competence build for ‘last mile’ logistics employees. The training programmes give their employees an internationally recognised qualification, which improves staff morale and is proven to increase staff retention.

How do companies become DOPsys certified? 

Companies complete a pre-qualification questionnaire that highlights areas they must address inside their organisation to become certified. Companies then complete an action plan that ensures compliance according to the DOPsys four step process. In parallel, companies must train a minimum of two employees, one to DOPsys Technician and one to DOPsys Project Manager Level. The total number of employees that need to be trained is determined by the size and structure of the company. DOPsys provides a facilitator to assist with the completion of the questionnaire and determination of the number of resources to be trained.

How long does it take? 

It takes between three to six months to become fully certified, depending on the adjustments to the internal processes and the number of staff to be trained.

Is the DOPsys standard just focused on B2B technical distribution? 

The first phase of the DOPsys roll-out concentrates on technical distribution for the B2B market but the B2C standard is currently in development and will be launched in Q2 2017. 

What benefits are there for manufacturers? 

Manufacturers can attain the status of ‘Compliance Partners’ as part of the DOPsys Standard. 
There is no license fee for becoming a ‘Compliance Partner’, it is a statement of intent that they will only accept quality providers in ‘last mile’ delivery. By dealing only with DOPsys Certified Partners, the benefits are four fold:

1.Reduced cost base. A DOPsys trained operative from a certified partner costs less than sending a qualified engineer to site. 
2.Leaner model. A DOPsys trained operative will fulfil the roles of carrier/courier as well as installation engineer.
3.Improved quality of ‘last mile’ technical distribution. Minimises the damage to goods and saves time and money in redress.
4.Guaranteed brand integrity Right through to the customer site.

In addition to these benefits, manufacturers can request DOPsys to develop additional qualifications (ADQuals) that are specific to their product portfolio. ADQuals are specific training programs that enhance the DOPsys process making the entire supply chain manufacturer specific.

How do I register?

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Where can I find more information?

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