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Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) (CILT(UK)) Distance Learning

CILT(UK) qualifications offer you the opportunity to gain professional recognition of your knowledge and experience to advance you in your career. Whether you are starting out of already have several years of experience, we have qualifications for you.

Each qualification has been designed and developed by experienced practitioners so the content is relevant and the knowledge you gain is immediately transferable to your workplace.

The following information relates to the CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre (DLC). 

Introduction to the CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre

The CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre provides support through distance learning for those people who wish to gain the Institute's popular professional qualifications. Enrolling on one of our qualifications' programme will enable you to gain knowledge and skills in a variety of professional areas and disciplines in a flexible cost effective manner. 

You will be supported by specialist Distance Learning Advisors (DLA) throughout your study. You can set your own study timetable allowing you to study for our qualifications when and where you wish. This means you can balance your study with your busy work whilst not forgetting to make time for your social life.

CILT(UK) qualifications are based on agreed standards for the profession and have been developed by practitioners for practitioners. The learning materials which support the qualifications combine theory, concepts and practice backed up by numerous case studies which illustrate aspects of transportation, logistics, operations and supply chain management in context.

Our qualifications are open access which means that there no barriers to enrolling on our courses, though it is important to note there are identified ‘target audiences’ for each level of qualification to help you select the right level for you at the different stages in your career. If you want to talk to someone about the right qualification for you, members of the Professional Development Department at the Institute are available to give you advice and guidance about the right level of qualification for you.

An additional resource open to all distance learning students is the Institute’s outstanding Knowledge Centre which offers you instant unlimited access to the largest specialist collection of logistics, supply chain and transport information in Europe to help you in your studies. Many of the resources are offered electronically ‘direct to your desk’ so there is no need to visit the Knowledge Centre to benefit from its resources. 

Achieving a professional qualification means that you will not only increase your relevant knowledge and skills and enhance your performance at work but you will also gain increased professional recognition and develop your career prospects and join a prestigious global network of CILT members.

Please note that to ensure there is no conflict of interest, the CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre operates independently of the CILT(UK) Awarding Organisation which regulates and quality assures the qualifications.

How can CILT(UK) qualifications benefit individuals?

Obtaining a professional qualification demonstrates to current and prospective employers that you meet a recognised standard in your knowledge and skills and have shown a commitment to your own professional development.

Having a qualification can lead to increased confidence and efficiency in day-to-day activities as the skills learned are incorporated and applied to the workplace environment. 

How can CILT(UK) qualifications benefit organisations?

CILT(UK) and CILT(UK) - Operations Management qualifications provide a benchmark against which employees can be measured. They provide reassurance to employers that members of staff have a certain level of knowledge, which can consequently create a positive image of a company committed to the development of its employees.

Perhaps there are members of staff in your organisation wishing to progress who already have knowledge of the industry and high-level skills, but no management experience. Studying a CILT(UK) Level 3 Certificate in Logistics and Transport, for example, can provide them with the knowledge to manage effectively, as well as enhancing their confidence to take on the role. 

The initial cost of funding a qualification is more than offset by an increase in efficiency and performance, not to mention the time and costs saved by being able to fill vacancies internally with fully trained individuals. An added bonus is that supporting learning and development can lead to an increase in morale and loyalty, as staff see that their employer is interested in them and has confidence in their ability to progress and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which level should I take?

New to the sector?

The Level 2 qualification provides an introduction to logistics and transport, allowing individuals to specialise with a choice of optional units aimed at various areas of specialism, such as warehousing, procurement, operation and planning of freight and passenger transport. It is designed to allow the acquisition of a good knowledge base upon which to build, as well as an introduction to the skills required for a career in the sector. 

The Level 3 suite of qualifications follows on from this, developing and expanding core knowledge and offering an introduction to supervisory and managerial levels. 

Looking to progress?

The Level 5 and the Level 6 qualifications are designed for more experienced practitioners and managers.  

CILT(UK) have developed a document to inform Learners about the Levels of CILT(UK) Regulated Qualifications offered by the CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre (CILT(UK) DLC). It aims to help Learners understand the differences between the levels.

All qualifications offered by the CILT(UK) DLC are open entry. This means that there are no pre-assessment or entry requirements. Learners are encouraged to use their own judgement when enrolling on a qualification depending on their prior academic and professional experience. CILT(UK) DLC can discuss the level of registration for potential Learners to help you make a decision. Please find the document here.

Are the Institute’s qualifications recognised nationally and internationally?

In short, ‘yes’, as the qualifications are respected around the world and the Institute has many overseas students. The qualifications are regulated and are developed working closely with leading industry representatives to ensure currency and relevance. 

CILT(UK) and CILT(UK) - Operations Management qualifications are nationally recognised professional qualifications that are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

How will I study my qualification through the CILT(UK) DLC?

The CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre offer our range of qualifications by distance learning,  each learner is supported by a Distance Learning Advisor. For more information on distance learning please read our Distance Learning Information document.

Are there set start dates?

The distance learning qualification programmes run by the Institute have a rolling format, so you are able to start when it suits you. 

What are the fees?

CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre fees can be found on the individual qualification pages. Alternatively, please contact the Professional Development department by telephone: 01536 740166 or by email: 

How long will it take?

Please refer to the information about individual qualifications for details about the recommended Guided Learning Hours (GLH). In addition, it is important to note that there are time limits within which the qualification should be completed; these are referred to as Registration Periods: 

  • Award – 1 year
  • Certificate – 2 years
  • Professional Diploma – 3 years
  • Advanced Diploma – 3 years

What if I do not have the time to study a full qualification?

The CILT(UK) is able to offer particular units of its qualifications in the form of CILT(UK) Awards. These Awards enable a Learner to study the units which are relevant or of interest to them. This is particularly useful for those people who would like to have their knowledge and expertise recognised in a particular area of logistics and transport but do not necessarily have the time or inclination to complete a full qualification.   

How are the qualifications assessed?

CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre assesses their qualifications by a combination of examinations and assignments depending on the unit.  This is referred to as the Institute Assessment Route.   Please contact the Professional Development Department for further information, 

How does the CILT(UK) DLC work with organisations?

As part of an organisation’s learning and development programme, they may wish to enrol cohorts of learners onto CILT(UK)’s qualifications. CILT(UK) are able to offer tutor support days in this instance based on the company’s needs at an additional cost. This ensures learners are kept on track and benefit from face to face advice or learning. CILT(UK) DLC are also able to offer incremental discounts based on how many learners the organisation enrols in one cohort. For more information, please contact 


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