CILT Cymru-Wales National Transport & Logistics Awards 2014

The CILT Cymru-Wales National Transport Awards 2014 were presented on 9th May 2014 at the prestigious Assembly Room, City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff.  Once again, the awards saw many of the best and brightest of Wales’ supply chain and transport professionals being nominated for one of the industry’s key awards.

The awards represent excellence in transport and logistics, either by organisations or individuals, and this year has been no exception in terms of the quality of entries received.  The judges had a difficult task and all of those who were shortlisted are to be congratulated on the standard of their entries.

Training / Development of People

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Training / Development of People  Effective RM  Arriva Trains Wales  Network Rail   

WINNER:  Arriva Trains Wales
Arriva Trains Wales has an ongoing commitment to training and developing its people, and invests around £1 million per year on training and development.  By increasing knowledge and skills, they can ensure improved standards of customer service, in addition to passenger and employee safety. They can also ensure a sustainable workforce to secure stability for the business going forward. For this purpose, the organisation has devised an extensive suite of training and development programmes for its employees at all levels across the business, with a focus on the development of young people, and existing and aspiring managers, through training and coaching.

RUNNER UP:  Network Rail
The programme is to provide professional support, advice and equipment to Cardiff Prison and to the prisoners participating in the track worker training programme. The focus is to jointly support, with the prison authorities, the attendees and to provide them with the opportunity and the ability to break out of the cycle of re-offending. This will be achieved through the provision of formal, accredited training leading to the Personal Track Safety competence accreditation.   The programme therefore equips prisoners with the skills to undertake track maintenance work, gain employment via contractors to work on the railway in Wales and the rest of the UK. The training also provides the individuals with transferable skills and confidence which can be used in many other organisations. The measure of success will be numbers successfully completing the course and reduction in re-offending rates.

Travel Demand Management

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Travel Demand Management  Atkins Global  Vale of Glamorgan  Vale of Glamorgan   

WINNER:  Vale of Glamorgan (303/304 Bus Route)
On 19 July 2013 EST Coaches Ltd withdrew the commercial bus service X45 that operated between Llantwit Major and Barry at a similar period when Cardiff Bus partly withdrew the X91 service which operated between Llantwit Major and Cardiff.  The Council was unable to afford to reinstate the services like for like on a supported basis, as the funding was not available to do so.  It was time for the Council to consider its options in how this very important group of services could be reinstated with limited financial resource to do so. Therefore in response to the gap in service provision, and following a tender process, the Council negotiated with New Adventure Travel, to replace these services by extending existing services such as the supported 145 service (Llantwit Major to Bridgend), the X5 service on a Sunday (Llantwit to Cardiff), and the 95 evening service, with New Adventure Travel agreeing to operate the X45 element on a commercial basis, albeit, pulling all of the services together and offering a more dynamic regional and sustainable service.

RUNNER UP:  Vale of Glamorgan (Greenlinks G1 Service)
The Village Bus service operated across the rural Vale through the delivery of four routes: V1, V2, V5 and V6. The V1/V2 routes serviced the Western Vale, including St Athan, Llantwit Major, Cowbridge, Bridgend and its surrounding villages.  The Village Bus Service was a financially supported bus service costing the Vale of Glamorgan Council approximately £150,000 a year.  In May 2013, the operator gave notice of its intention to terminate these services due to affordability.  On 20th July 2013, the Village Bus Service ceased operating.  The Greenlinks Community transport service was operated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council, and launched with a 13-seater accessible bus on 4 June 2010.  Using a Section 19 permit, the service operated a door-to-door service for those living in the rural Vale.  A further funding package was granted via RDP for the continued delivery of the project from March 2011 to December 2013 and in February 2013, the timescale was extended to March 2014.  Greenlinks has evolved and now operates three vehicles; the original 13-seater accessible bus, a seven-seater VW Sharan donated by NPower in January 2011, and a new nine-seater accessible bus funded via Sewta and Local Transport Services Grant (LTSG) - now known as Regional Transport Consortia Grant (RTCG). The service operates both on Section 19 and Section 22 permits. All three vehicles have a Section 19 permit, whilst the two larger vehicles also hold Section 22 permits.  Both buses have been used to deliver local bus routes on both fixed and flexible routes.


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Partnership   Contact Centre Cymru    Caerphilly CBC  Vale of Glamorgan  Carillion / Network Rail 

WINNER:  Caerphilly CBC
The paper highlights the best approach to the delivery of a project set in the heart of a small village; looking at aspects of the project delivery mechanisms and aims to identify the effectiveness of formal and informal partnerships. The main benefit of this approach is the capacity to resolve issues in a timely manner that can arise in development and delivery of a project. This approach can reduce the cost and time risks, which can be detrimental in time-constrained project delivery. Successful project management is reliant on informal and formal partnerships, effective communication and these aspects of the project plan need to be identified in the scoping exercise.

RUNNER UP:  Vale of Glamorgan (303/304 Bus Route)

HIGHLY COMMENDED:  Carillion / Network Rail
Loughor Viaduct carries the mainline railway between Swansea and Llanelli across an estuary in South Wales. This report outlines the challenges overcome by Carillion Rail with its partners in the replacement of this structure within a short timeframe. Using innovative temporary and permanent work designs, a new 235m viaduct was constructed within the footprint of the existing structure. Works were carried out in a challenging and sensitive environment across the estuary and avoided causing disruption to train services save for a 249 hour railway blockade. Disruption was minimised by constructing new piers under the existing viaduct in advance and by launching the new deck parallel with the existing structure. Within the blockade, the original structure was demolished and the new completed deck was slid sideways into position. Throughout this project, the partnership worked collaboratively as one team, built an excellent relationship with the local community and authorities, and managed to retain elements of the historic structure for heritage.

Excellence in Passenger Transport Operations

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Excellence in Passenger Transport Operations  Bus Users Cymru  Newport Bus  Vale of Glamorgan   

WINNER:  Newport Bus 
Newport Transport has invested more than £50,000 improving the way it communicates with its customers, enhancing its relationship with them.  Including: 

A substantial investment in the relocation of it Travel Centre as a direct result of the closure of Newport Bus Station.  The new Travel Centre is easily accessible from all new departure points within Newport City Centre.  Two dedicated customer service staff members are available Monday - Saturday between 9am and 5pm.  On Mondays and Saturdays it has extended opening hours to accommodate those who work full time. 

The delivery of dedicated customer relations training to all front line staff including bus drivers. 

The first review for 30 years of the company's bus network.  The "Your bus Your say" campaign has seen thousands of customers share their views through feedback forms, road shows, social networking and the Newport Transport website. This was used to re-shape the network to be truly customer driven. 

Customer opinions is valued, with many invited to meet with Managing Director, Scott Pearson, and become a customer champion.  Given free smartcards they liaise directly with Senior Operations staff, providing them with feedback/reports on services. 

Working with SEWTA and Traveline Cymru to broker new opportunities with employers for work place travel/better service updates to customers. 

Major investments to provide better buses £5m investment in new fleet in 3 years. 

Clearer timetables by taking over on street timetable information. 

Smartcard technology with new ETM project £400k investment including on-bus top-up functionality

The employment of a mystery shopper to provide candid service assessments. 

Acquired the responsibility from the Local Authority to provide Real Time Passenger 

Information system (RTPI) and the bus stop infrastructure programme to ensure information is up to date - expand with investment.

RUNNER UP:  Vale of Glamorgan (303/304 Bus Route)

Transport or Logistics Policy, Planning and Implementation

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Transport or Logistics Policy, Planning and Implementation  SWWITCH  Rhondda Cynon Taf  Caerphilly CBC  Carillion / Network Rail 

WINNER:  Rhondda Cynon Taf
The Cardiff to Pontypridd transport corridor is one of the most important corridors in the region. The Bus Priority Scheme was developed to support the Regional Transport Plan priorities by improving access to all services, facilities, education and employment, particularly by walking, cycling and public transport.   The intention of this scheme is to make better use of the existing transport system, to make services more effective and efficient and in particular more attractive to users by improving journey time reliability.  The reduction in delays due to congestion also benefits bus operators by improving punctuality, reducing idling time on the off peak and reducing the potential demand to add vehicles to services to maintain frequencies and headways i.e. helps contain or reduce operational costs and maintain viability of services.

RUNNER UP:  Caerphilly CBC
The Sewta Rail Park and Ride Package is a package of four schemes to provide new and expanded park and ride facilities at Bargoed, Abercynon, Pengam and Rhymney rail stations.  The schemes will provide over 370 new park and ride spaces across South East Wales.  The £6.6m package has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Rail Forward Programme through the Welsh Government.

HIGHLY COMMENDED:  Carillion / Network Rail

Excellence in improving customers' experiences

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Excellence in improving customers' experiences  New Adventure Travel  Ltd   Traveline Cymru  Arriva Bus Wales  Vale of Glamorgan 

WINNER:  Traveline Cymru
In customer satisfaction surveys, reasons many customer gave for not being 100% satisfied with the Traveline Cymru services were centred on the lack of proper fares information.  These comments included:  'Great source of information but would be better if they could tell me how much’; 'Cannot find prices'; 'When can we see fares?'; 'Wish site told me bus fares'.   Traveline Cymru believed that an analogy would be like going around a supermarket with no goods priced, or booking a holiday flight online knowing where and when you were going, but not how much it would cost.  Management therefore decided that it was unacceptable to continue to offer an incomplete service, and decided in early 2010 to procure a fares module as part of a major procurement.  In doing so the company thus committed itself to what would become the most time consuming, complex, frustrating and difficult project it has yet to experience.

RUNNER UP:  Arriva Bus Wales
The UK Bus industry has long been criticised for depending on a captive market which has seen a decline over recent years.  Diminishing customer perception about the benefits of bus travel has provided a challenge for service providers who are keen to recoup patronage and reinforce positive messaging focused on customer service.  In order to reverse this trend, Arriva UK Bus turned its strategic efforts in both marketing and research and development towards greater innovation, specifically tailored to meet the public's demand.  As a result of this strategic move, in 2013, Arriva launched Sapphire - a new premium service that would run on select routes.   It was initially implemented on Arriva Buses Wales' Service I, a critical commuter service running between Chester and Wrexham from 29th April 2013.

HIGHLY COMMENDED:  Vale of Glamorgan (303/304 Bus Route)

R T Wynn Medallion

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R T Wynn Medallion  Arriva Trains Wales  Lucy Baker, Cardiff University, Glamorgan Building  Lucie Troop, Cardiff Business School Laila Saikaki, University of Wales Trinity St David 

ROBERT THOMAS (R T) WYNN 1892 – 1968
Robert Thomas Wynn was born on the 7 September 1892 and became known as "RT", to avoid confusion with his father.  RT, together with his older brother and a younger brother, ran the business known as Wynns and he became a member of The Chartered Institute of Transport.  He entered into the affairs of the Institute with enthusiasm, soon becoming a member of the South Wales Section Committee.   In particular he supported the former student graduate societies, rarely missing a meeting and in 1962, RT was elected Senior Vice Chairman of the Section.   For health reasons he could not proceed to the Chair and he resigned his Senior Vice Chairmanship.  However, such was the esteem in which RT was held within the Section that a fund was raised and he was presented with a Medallion, a miniature of the Chairman’s badge of office.  After his death his widow, Dora Wynn, gave the Medallion back to the South Wales Section and the committee decided that, to commemorate his memory - particularly his work for students - an annual competition would be established for student members of CILT(UK) Cymru Wales who were members of the Section. We award this medallion in memory of Noel Wynn (RT's son).

WINNER:  Lucy Baker, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University
Almost two thirds of adults are obese or overweight in the UK.  In Wales, only 36% of men and 23% of women undertake recommended daily amounts of exercise incurring a direct cost to the National Health Service of at least £1.06 billion per annum. In addition to the well-known benefits of non-motorised transport, this paper presents a growing need to encourage active travel and to understand factors affecting such travel choices.  This paper examines the influence of factors on the use of active travel modes by students during daily commuting, previously underrepresented in the literature. This is despite significance in terms of size and social influence of universities to be moral benchmarks of sustainable practice.

RUNNER UP:  Lucie Troop, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
The aim of the report was to identify the risks 'Company X' (name withheld for confidentiality reasons) is exposed to so that risk management recommendations could be made.  The report followed an adapted '4 phase framework' giving particular attention to phase 1 (risk identification) and phase 4 (risk management).  A single, primary case study was conducted, involving 5 interviews with various employees.  A wide range of secondary data (trade and academic publications, company reports, company website, etc) was also collected to allow for further triangulation of the main findings.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Laila Saikaki, University of Wales Trinity St David
Just in Time (JIT) system is a lean technique that covers the physical side of the supply chain.  It enables the elimination of wastes that have no added value to the production or supply chain process, such as unnecessary use of labour and equipment, movement of material, and idle inventory.   Laila’s essay explains the principals of JIT philosophy and its criticism on environmental, moral and ethical grounds.

Wales Transport or Logistics Professional(s) of the Year

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Wales Transport or Logistics Professional(s) of the Year  Cardiff University Business School  Scott Pearson Newport Transport  Simon Finnie Arriva Bus Wales  Rob Thomas VoG CC 

WINNER:  Scott Pearson, Managing Director, Newport Transport
Scott Pearson only took 10 years to work his way up from Trainee PCV driver to become Managing Director of Newport Transport in South Wales.  After one

year behind the wheel Mr Pearson moved on to become a Depot Supervisor at the same employer, Stagecoach Dunfermline.  Shortly after that he joined the Stagecoach management team as a trainee operations manager, whilst in this role he completed various courses in Employment law, DDA, Health & Safety, Basic Accounting, staff management and industry legislation.  After moving onto the role of Senior Operations Manager and holding this position for over 3 years, Scott Pearson became Divisional Traffic Manager for Stagecoach in the Highlands and was responsible for 7 depots, 5 Operations managers, 225 buses and 450 staff. This vast experience all gained in 9 years lead Mr Pearson to his first role at the independent operator, Newport Transport where he was promoted from Director of Delivery to Managing Director in a short 12 months.

RUNNER UP:  Simon Finnie, Arriva Buses Wales 
In 2001, Simon Finnie joined Arriva after graduating from the University of Central Lancashire.  His initial post was Project Manager and his efforts were concentrated on the Merseyrail project that, at the time, was part of Arriva's operation on Merseyside.  In 2003, he was appointed Assistant Operations Manager at Arriva North West's Speke Depot and rapidly moved on to be Operations Manager at Skelmersdale between 2004 and 2007.  His promotion to General Manager saw his first taste of the Welsh operation at Bangor in 2007 but the larger depots were calling for his expertise and he moved to Birkenhead in 2008 where he remained until 2011.  During his time at Birkenhead, the depot was entered for, and won, the National Bus Depot of the Year in the UK Bus Awards and Simon also achieved the coveted Company Manager of the Year.  In 2011, he was appointed Head of Operation at Arriva Buses Wales, initially based In Llandudno Junction but later at Bangor (Llandygai).

HIGHLY COMMENDED:  Rob Thomas, Vale of Glamorgan County Council
Rob Thomas is the Director of Development Services for the Vale of Glamorgan Council.  Colleagues who put Rob forward for this award report he is an excellent manager and a strong leader in the transport, planning and regeneration fields.  As a dual qualified professional, being a Chartered Member of  CILT as well as a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planners Institute, Rob is also responsible for regeneration and tourism giving him an all round perspective of transport, planning and regeneration. These skills have been instrumental in linking the functions of land use planning and transportation, both locally and on a regional basis.

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