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Welcome to the Railway Study Forum

CILT's latest professional Forum (RSF) has been created following a merger with the Railway Study Association (RSA).

The new Forum offers RSF members all the benefits offered previously by the RSA, but also the opportunity to engage with CILT members through our network of like-minded Rail Sector professionals. You can find out more about joining CILT here

Who are we?

Our membership includes individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, embracing operations, engineering, business planning, project management, marketing and consultancy. Now that we have merged with CILT's membership, we are able to engage with a wider network of people working in the Rail Sector.


The CILT RS Forum promotes the exchange of experience, knowledge and opinion on issues relating to all aspects of the railway industry.

How do we do this?

  • We arrange a variety of meetings, ranging from formal lectures followed by a question and answer session to seminars, to stimulate member engagement. 
  • We organise visits and study tours to railway sites and installations both in the UK and abroad to promote understanding.
  • We encourage personal and professional development through informal networking.



  Jacqueline Starr
Treasurer   Peter Gordon
Events Co-ordinator   Graham Paterson
Active Chair    Simon Feast 
Committee Members  

Viv Nissanka


Neil Micklethwaite


Martin Shrubsole


Luke Ripley

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Annual Dinner Invitation - April 2018

Past meetings

Letter from Neil Micklethwaite - January 2018



Andrew Haines - April 2018

Péter Connell - 5 April 2018


Focus Articles

#Diolch Tom! - December 2018 - View here

The Interview - Neil Micklethwaite talks about the Railways Study Association and the challenges facing the rail sector. - Focus November 2017


Useful Information

#Diolch Tom! - December 2018 - View here

Water Orton Control Centre visit - January 2012

RSF Study tour to Poland - April 2011

Presidential address by Mark Hopwood - October 2011

Convention in Switzerland - Sept 2010

Short study tour to Helsinki - June 2010

Visit to East London Line works - December 2009

Convention in Germany (Berlin/Hamburg) - July 2009

Midland section study tour (Scotland) - May 2009


Registered Office:

Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby
Northants, NN17 4AX
Main Switchboard: 01536 740100

Company Registration Number: 2629347 
(A Company Limited by Guarantee)
Charity Registration Number: 1004963

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