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Welcome to the Railway Study Forum

CILT's latest professional Forum (RSF) has been created following a merger with the Railway Study Association (RSA).

The new Forum offers RSF members all the benefits offered previously by the RSA, but also the opportunity to engage with CILT members through our network of like-minded Rail Sector professionals. You can find out more about joining CILT here

Who are we?

Our membership includes individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, embracing operations, engineering, business planning, project management, marketing and consultancy. Now that we have merged with CILT's membership, we are able to engage with a wider network of people working in the Rail Sector.


The CILT RS Forum promotes the exchange of experience, knowledge and opinion on issues relating to all aspects of the railway industry.

How do we do this?

  • We arrange a variety of meetings, ranging from formal lectures followed by a question and answer session to seminars, to stimulate member engagement. 
  • We organise visits and study tours to railway sites and installations both in the UK and abroad to promote understanding.
  • We encourage personal and professional development through informal networking.


Focus Articles

Australia Study Tour - December 2019 - View here

The Evolving Railway - August 2019 - View here

Transport’s Leonardo Da Vinci - April 2019 - View here

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#Diolch Tom! - December 2018 - View here

The Interview - Neil Micklethwaite talks about the Railways Study Association and the challenges facing the rail sector. - Focus November 2017



Australia Visit 2019 Summary- October 2019

Annual Dinner Invitation - April 2018

Past meetings

Letter from Neil Micklethwaite - January 2018



Competition in European Rail, Nick Brooks, ALLRAIL- Aug 2020

CGA, Tuning into our Customers- January 2020

Simon Feast, Australia, 09 December 2019

John Sullivan & Sarah Copley - 14 October 2019

Steph Oerton – 24 January 2019

Andrew Haines - April 2018

Péter Connell - 5 April 2018

  • Committee Members



  Jacqueline Starr
Treasurer   Peter Gordon
Events Co-ordinator   Graham Paterson
Active Chair    Simon Feast 
Committee Members  

Viv Nissanka


Neil Micklethwaite


Martin Shrubsole


Luke Ripley



Benefits for RSA members joining the new CILT Forum


The merger with CILT means that RSA members will benefit from:

• Access to CILT's Rail Sector where you will find links to special events, training and courses as well as other Rail specific CILT Forums.

• 12 copies of our renowned membership journal, Logistics & Transport Focus full of topical articles, news and case studies. 

• Excellent networking opportunities at over 350 national, regional and sector-specific events throughout the year.

• 24 hour access to Europe’s largest collection of logistics, transport and supply chain resources online via our Knowledge Centre.

• FREE careers service and legal helpline which are designed to save you time and money each time you use them.

You can find out more about which CILT membership grade to apply for here


What to do if you are a member of CILT

Current CILT Members:

If you are a current CILT member all you need to do is ensure that your join our new Railway Study Association Forum. You can do this by logging in to the members' area of our website at and then going to your own member account - ‘My CILT’ - and select your Forum. Alternatively, you can contact Membership Services who will be happy to assist you. Contact them at 

Lapsed CILT Members:
If you have previously had a CILT membership but it is no longer active, please contact who will be able to send a simple reinstatement form for you to complete and return. Please note we will only reinstate you at your previous grade if we can determine your previous grade of membership via our system or other documentation. If we cannot verify your status you may have to go through out assessment procedures again.

What to do if you were a member of RSA

If you have never been a member of CILT, please have a look at the additional benefits we offer to RSA members and at our membership grades to select the appropriate grade of membership for you. If you are applying for one of our assessed grades of membership, your application will need to go through our assessment process, before we can activate your membership. 


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