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Bridgewater School Enterprise Day - Business on the Move

16 December 2014/Categories: Business on the Move

Bridgewater School Enterprise Day - Business on the Move

During our enterprise day around 60 students joined the team of logistics apprentices which include (Jack, Tom, Brandon and Cara).
We started off by watching a presentation presented by Kim Harrell (logistics Tutor) which gave them an understanding to start them off with the board game “Business on the move” then while they played their first ever game they steadily got a very good understanding of what it was all about (The whole logistic process) They gradually understood that every time they had a new order come in that they had to start off with a plane or a ship otherwise they had no other way of transporting their goods(order) to the rail station which was where they had worked out that they had to buy a train to transports their goods from the plane or ship onto the train and make their way to a rail head before they could buy a truck to collect the goods from the train onto the truck of which is when you could make your way to the business of which you order must go to!

After the individual students had a few goes around the board they were capable of playing the game alone and not needing the help of the apprentices.` They understood that even now you had to spend some of the £150,000 that they start off with on a plane or ship then a train and truck, they knew they had to make those deliveries to make that money back. After speaking to the students they now have a very good understanding of the logistics chain and how the whole chain works whereas they didn’t have a great understanding of what a logistics chain was beforehand. They all had an enjoyable time playing the game as well as learning the process of the logistics chain!

At the end of a successful day many students left comments on what they had learnt and thought of the game.

Below are a few... 

  • “I have learned today that when delivering, things don’t always go the way that you want “ 
  • “I learned that logistics is harder that I thought and that there are many hidden costs that I didn’t know about “ “ playing is not about winning” 
  • “I have learnt to work in a team “ “I thought that that game was amazing” “ I would love to have this as a family game “ I learnt to be patient and think ahead “ I learnt about teamwork to be patient and strategy, planning ahead" 

By Cara Ellis Logistics Apprentice


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