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Fuel-efficient driving is still hugely important

26 April 2013/Categories: Industry News

Fuel prices may be dropping, but fleet operators must still ensure they train their employees to drive as economically as possible.

The cost of wholesale fuel has fallen in the past few weeks and experts believe this will soon be reflected in prices at the pumps, but that certainly does not mean motorists can afford to be wasteful.

David Williams - chief executive officer at GEM Motoring Assist - said it is always practical to follow fuel-efficient driving tips.

In fact, the organisation said that by taking heed of certain tips, companies can cut their fuel wastage by up to 50 per cent.

Logistics firms should ensure the engines in their vehicles are as efficient as possible and that tyres are in good order.

Basic measures such as turning the air conditioning down and planning ahead to avoid road works can also save businesses a surprising amount of money.

Although UK-based logistics enterprises appear to be growing in confidence, they are still at a disadvantage against their foreign rivals, who benefit from far cheaper diesel prices. This is largely down to the high duty rates charged in Britain.


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