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“I love my cat, the colour green and having a laugh”: The importance of managing your personal professional brand online

15 April 2016/Categories: Student Voice

Job hunting and professional development has always been about managing your personal brand.

In this ever growing digital age, this has become increasingly difficult. Combining a scientific and creative approach, your personal digital brand could make or break your career. If you say something inappropriate online or come across as anything other than professional, you are seriously damaging your chances of success.

A series of online videos, LinkedIn: Outloud, have been produced featuring actors reading out the worst phrases that have appeared on genuine LinkedIn profiles. They feature classic lines such as; “Just like Jesus Christ was a carpenter - I’m a sales executive” and “I don’t call meetings ‘meetings’, they’re ‘doings’”, were among the worst phrases used.

Latest research from the Social Analytics Institute has scientifically shown for the first time how social media has the ability to impact our professional futures. Senior researcher, Dr Julie Wade, said the findings indicated that “political opinions on controversial topics did elicit a reaction and would seem to influence hiring and whether a person would make a good employee or not.”

Dr Wade did however warn: “The type of reaction, though, often depends on the individual who would be interviewing and what their beliefs reflected on controversial political issues.”

This infographic highlights the top tips you should consider to managing your online reputation.

Among other findings, the research found there is plenty of room for bias in the hiring process based on an individual’s personal beliefs.

Lynne Hardman, CEO, Working Transitions, commented: “It is not unusual for interviewers to make personal judgments, but usually there are standard procedures in place for ensuring these do not prevent you from hiring the best person for the job.

“However, with social media there are no such policies in place in the vast majority of companies, and what interviewers have access to be far more reaching than ever before.”

Lori Randall Stradtman, author of Online Reputation Management for Dummies says: “Where do you hide a dead body? Answer: On the third page of Google results,” and such must be the same for your online personal branding.

With thanks to Working Transitions - Working Transitions is an award-winning specialist HR consultancy that helps organisations and their people capitalise on the challenges life brings. They have a rich history working for both private and public organisations across a wealth of industries, in the UK and internationally.

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