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Accreditation offers a benchmark by which companies and institutions can prove the content of their degrees, professional development schemes and/or short courses against the requirements of CILT. Find out more about how CILT can raise the profile of your development and educational programmes by clicking the appropriate button below.

CILT University Accredited Degrees

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Accredited University degrees offer exemption from the Education Requirements for Chartered Membership of the CILT. The accredited programmes should provide for the development in depth of knowledge and skills in specific areas of logistics and transport or related areas.

The CILT acknowledges that Bachelors and Masters Degrees serve different purposes. The programmes can also be delivered over different periods of time and via a range of mechanisms. This accreditation process recognises that:

- A Bachelors Level degree should deliver a systematic understanding of key aspects of the subject, including the acquisition of coherent and detailed knowledge, informed by current and relevant published academic research in the subject.

- Bachelors Graduates will demonstrate an ability to deploy accurately the established techniques of analysis and enquiry within the subject.

- A Masters Level degree should deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding of the discipline, informed by the highest standards of scholarship and academic research.

- Masters Graduates will demonstrate a high level of understanding of current issues in the subject and be able to critically evaluate their impact.

- Masters Graduates will be expected to demonstrate a range of techniques and research methods.

The CILT supports the development of degree programmes with an element of work placement/experience. As applications for Chartered Membership are assessed on a combination of knowledge and relevant experience, a graduate from these degrees will be eligible to use this work experience as part of their application process.

The Institute would also like to encourage the development of forward-looking and innovative courses, particularly at the Masters level. To this end courses that expand and enrich the study of Logistics and Transport at Higher degree level may be considered on their own merits at the discretion of the Accreditation Committee.

It is normally expected that an undergraduate degree course gaining full accreditation for Chartered Membership will achieve at least 75% coverage of the Institute’s Key Knowledge Areas (KKA) of Core Generic Content plus 75% of one or more of the Specialist Areas listed below. Postgraduate courses are usually narrower and more specific in scope, so the coverage of the KKA is likely to be more focused on a particular area.

For further information please email or call Rhiann Sharman (+44) 01536 740110.

Graduate Scheme Accreditation

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Many organisations operating in the areas of supply chain management, transport planning, freight and passenger transport run Graduate Development Schemes to attract and retain new recruits.   These schemes enable organisations to develop graduates from a variety of disciplines to meet company-set competencies. 

The CILT Graduate Development Scheme is designed to run within organisations with a regular graduate, and graduate calibre, intake and which meets the standards set by the CILT.  The scheme works within organisations employing people in the areas of logistics, transport and supply chain management.

The objective of the CILT Graduate Development Scheme is to provide an in-company framework of structured development and support. It provides a route for the professional development for graduates covering the Key Knowledge Areas to enable the participants to achieve Chartered Membership of CILT.

Benefits for Employers and Employees

Accreditation of a company’s graduate development scheme provides an independent quality mark and assurance of high standards.  Having a company programme accredited by a professional body can help in the recruitment and retention of high quality graduates. 

For candidates, accreditation will provide a direct route to Chartered status in CILT which will provide professional recognition for those developing their careers in logistics and transport. 

Candidates can join the Institute as Affiliate Members and enjoy a range of member benefits including access to the Institute’s unique Knowledge Centre, CILT events and journal Logistics & Transport Focus.  If a candidate is already a CILT member they retain their current membership grade.

For those organisations which do not have a Scheme in place then the Institute will work in partnership with the organisation to set up a suitable scheme.

For further information please email or call Rhiann Sharman (+44) 01536 740110.

Short Course Accreditation

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The accreditation of short courses and training providers is a voluntary scheme designed to recognise high quality short courses which fall within CILT disciplines including logistics, supply chain, operations management and all transport. Short courses are defined by their duration, normally ranging from half a day to three weeks. The benefits afforded to training providers for CILT accredited courses are:

  • inclusion in a specialist on-line directory
  • presentation plaque and certificate
  • use of the CILT logo and the words 'CILT accredited' 
  • being awarded CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours.

Accreditation provides training providers with an independent quality kite mark, thereby raising both the profile and credibility of programmes.

In-company training and development courses can also be accredited, though it should be noted that there is a separate accreditation process for this.

For further information please email or call Rhiann Sharman (+44) 01536 740110

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