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Developing your Bespoke Programme

Professional development sits at the heart of a professional body's activities and CILT(UK) is committed to providing support for both individuals and organisations involved in logistics and transport.  CILT(UK) offers guidance to individuals on career pathways and how to maximise their potential and tailored pathways for organisations requiring tailored in-company training and development solutions. 

Tailored solutions for organisations

In challenging times, you will want to make your training and development budget work harder, deliver better results and ensure that you get value from your investment.  The team at CILT(UK) believes that training should not be thought of as a one-off event or intervention and that the process of integrating work and learning is key to improving and enhancing organisational performance.

With a programme developed with your needs in mind, we can help you to get the best out of your team and improve the organisation’s performance in an efficient and cost-effective way.

CILT membership is a great way of ensuring individuals meet the required standards and can be built in as part of bespoke training packages. This includes access to the globally-recognised CILT Knowledge Centre to support their studies.


Stage one - Diagnostic

The starting point for a tailored programme is to find out more about your organisation, your corporate strategy and objectives.  Members of the CILT(UK) team work with you so that we can understand your critical business issue and/or area for improvement and the reasons for the gap between your current and desired performance. 

It is important to identify the root cause of the performance gap as this should guide the development of any learning solution. 

Stage two – Design and agree objectives

In this second stage, we will establish the desired results of the development programme, the impact of those results and how they can be measured. Once we understand the outcomes that you want from your development programme, we can explore the opportunities for an Institute development programme tailored to your needs. 

Stage three – Develop and validate the programme

The third stage is to develop the programme and check with you that it meets your requirements. We can adjust the programme at this stage to ensure it is exactly what you are looking for. It is important that we work with you in this development to ensure any programme meets your desired outcome. 

 It is important that potential participants are aware of both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind the programme being offered. Often participants are told ‘what’ a programme will cover but ‘why’ the training is being offered, what it will do for them and how this fits the organisational goals is omitted.  If they are to be able to integrate the learning in their workplace, participants need to understand ‘why’ their employer is investing in the programme. 

If the programme is to be delivered in different countries, we can work with you to adjust the course and materials to match the appropriate cultures and contexts. 

Stage four – Deliver the programme

Our programmes are delivered by practitioners with training experience selected for their expertise and knowledge of the profession.  These trainers can bring learning to life with real examples from the profession. Our trainers focus on the “how to” rather than adopting a purely theoretical approach. To make sure the course is relevant for participants, we can contextualise materials so that participants can see how what they are learning can be applied in their work place.  

 We encourage the active involvement and sharing of fresh ideas amongst the participants as colleagues can generate new and exciting ideas when working together, resulting in creative solutions within your organisation.    

 We can deliver the training at your premises, which can be an advantage, ensuring that the programme is seen as integral to work rather than a one-off event which is separate from work – a nice day out of the office!    We can also offer the use of our Corby or London offices or find an alternative location to suit you. If you need your training sessions to be run in multiple locations, in the UK or overseas, we will find the right trainer in those locations. 

Stage five – Evaluate impact

We can help you to evaluate the impact of the programme based on the achievement of the agreed outcomes.  There should be an emphasis on measuring impact back in the workplace to ensure a return on your investment. Evaluation can be tackled at simple ‘participant satisfaction’ level and we can support you in setting post course surveys to be administered by your line managers. 

If you want to look deeper into the effects of the training and the transfer of learning in the workplace we will work with you to set up post course projects and surveys.

Stage six – Transfer of learning

Finally if you are looking at long term results we can support you in setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of training on your organisation.  

In-company training offers an excellent opportunity to align the training and development needs of your staff with your organisational objectives to gain maximum impact from your training budget. 

Please contact our Professional Development Department to begin discussions:

Fiona Palmer, Account Executive
T: 01536 740161

 Shane Walton, Head of Professional Development
 T: 01536 740155

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for both In-house courses and bespoke courses will be specified at proposal stage.


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