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Chair: Paul LeBlond

Current Aviation news includes:

  • Coronavirus continues to dramatically affect air travel
  • Recovery prospects limited according to airline and airport chiefs
  • Airport expansion plans being reconsidered, Supreme Court rules that Airports National Policy Statement is lawful
  • Government Aviation Recovery Plan/White Paper now promised by Spring 2021


Aviation Policy Group news: 

A year-end report on Routes to Net Zero 2050, including the contribution from the Aviation Policy Group, is to be published in February, along with the launch of a new page on the website dedicated to the subject. The Group has decided to hold a second webinar on the subject in the next few months to look in more detail at the plans for aviation to achieve net zero. We will be inviting industry and academics to brief us on developments. A link to a recording of our first  webinar on 9 November 2020 is available here.

The latest meeting of the Aviation Policy Group took place by Zoom on 25 January 2021. As well as discussing the latest situation relating to travel restrictions and our work on Routes to Net Zero 2050, we looked at recent consultations on the implementation of CORSIA and BEIS’s plans for a net zero electricity system and Command Paper 337. 

We decided to respond to a DfT consultation on the future of night flights in which we would note the benefits of night flights and suggest a regime in which the benefits of lower noise levels should be shared between the local community and the industry.

We noted the latest news on airport developments Stansted, Manston and Bristol.

We remain keen to meet with DfT ministers and officials and contributed to the CILT’s submission to the Union Connectivity Review led by Sir Peter Hendy.

We noted the growing number and range of CILT events relevant to aviation taking place online.


How our Aviation Policy Group works: 

The Aviation Policy Group comprises a group of professionals from the airline and airport sectors that reviews current and proposed policies for aviation and provides, where appropriate, expert advice to government.

Over many years, CILT has advised Government, and the logistics and transport industry, by using the expertise of its members who speak from widespread knowledge but are independent of any particular trade group or business. 
The Committee meets quarterly, and is regularly active throughout the year in responding to consultations and other events.
We are always looking for new members, so any CILT members wishing to become involved in the Aviation Policy Group are very welcome to contact Paul Le Blond to chat further a

Notes from Aviation Policy Group meeting held on 26 April 2021 (1300-1600) via video conference:

Coronavirus impact on aviation

Various briefings, e.g., by IATA, were noted. The Global Travel Task Force had been published with some adverse comment from the industry. The Transport Select Committee had also criticised its lack of certainty. Further announcements are awaited in relation to the planned opening of international travel on 17 May. Nevertheless, the situation in India and Brazil meant that there was likely to be only a cautious restart. IATA were trialling a travel pass and the key would be getting vaccine and testing evidence authenticated and digitised.

Routes to Net Zero 2050

The Year End Report had been published in February and there have been a number of CILT presentations and media reports about it, including an interview by PLB for broadcast by CILT International.

The DfT’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan and Government response to the Climate Change Committee’s proposals for the Sixth Carbon Budget are expected in the next two months. Announcements indicated that the international aviation will be included in CB6 and a tougher target of a 78% reduction by 2035 will be set. An IPCC report is also expected in July. These will be of interest to all CILT groups and undoubtedly discussed at the next PPC on 11 May, with a view to developing CILT policy later in the year. Several CILT groups had held and are planning further meetings.

Publication in January 2021 of a statement by several airlines and other organisations on guiding principles for supporting the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels in the EU and it was agreed that this would be recognised and supported. JR also noted the non-carbon GHGs and carbon in infrastructure to be taken into account. 

A CILT webinar had been organised for 1 June 2021 with Guy Gratton from Cranfield, David Morgan from easyJet and Maria Ver-Morales from the Whittle Lab.

It is anticipated that the APG’s work would continue through the Summer with the aim of producing a policy paper around September.

Union Connectivity Review

An interim report had been published on 10 March and the final report is expected in the Summer. Media reports had focused on the recommended review of APD and further studies of a fixed crossing between Northern Ireland and the mainland. CILT’s contribution had included a lot of detail and it was suggested that this would have been better if the response had been at high level with examples in an appendix.

Aviation White Paper

Previously anticipated this year but nothing appears imminent as several key policy announcements due (Transport Carbonisation, Sixth Carbon Budget).

DfT Night Flights Consultation

CILT’s response had been submitted in March. The second part of the consultation on the longer term had been extended but it was decided not to respond again as the initial response had contained our full views.

Treasury APD consultation

A second draft response had been circulated on 19 April. 
The recent French announcement about banning domestic flights where rail journey is less than 2.5 hours was relevant, but such routes are mostly used by connecting passengers

Airport Developments

Heathrow:  The Heathrow Community Engagement Board has reverted to its consultative committee role and the Transport Environment and Noise Group has been disbanded. It was noted that Network Rail had paused work on the Western Rail Link and transferred staff to other projects.

Gatwick: The Northern Runway project is being revived - the project will enable the northern runway to operate full time but as a dependent runway for departures only, providing a capacity increase of about 25% A DCO application is planned for 2022.

Stansted: The inquiry into the 35+ application ran from 12 January to 12 March. 

Manston: The DfT have appointed a consultant to recommend how to review the DCO but that a revised decision is not expected for some months.

Leeds Bradford: Leeds City Council approved the replacement terminal in February, but the decision has been called in by the Secretary of State.

Southampton: Eastleigh Borough Council approved the runway extension on 10 April.

The APG has generally only commented publicly on major airport developments which have a national or strategic relevance. However, the coincidence of several plans being brought forward now means that it would be worthwhile considering them as a group, and their relationship with evolving policies.


Aviation Policy Group committee members

Paul Le Blond - Chair

Brian Finch

Richard Botwood

Peter Forbes

Tom Carter

Sid Foster

Alastair Duff

 John Hardey

Martin Evans

 Gerry Lambe

Alastair Barbour

 Eddie Redfern

Christopher Mankelow

James Russell

John Morris

Andrew Sharp

David Parish - Deputy Chairman

Kenneth Swallow

Daniel Parker-Klein

Martin Weeks

Robert Pettigrew

David Curgenven

Robin Thomas

Geoff Maynard

Chris Bosworth

Chris Tarry

David Valentine

Walter Pawinski

Sally Dixon

Li (Dantaoli)

Kieran Knowles 

Luuk van Mourik


Reports and Presentations

Links to papers and submissions can be found on the left hand side of this page.  

Date for future APG meetings in 2021 are on:

26 July and 25 October from 1300 - 1600 via Zoom.


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