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Advanced Customs Practitioner course

Course Duration - 2 day course plus Assessment on day 3

This CILT(UK) accredited course is part of the Morley Consulting Career Pathway.


Designed as the essential next step for those who have passed the Certificate of Customs Competency and who want to progress their career to a senior level.   

The Advanced Customs Practitioner course offers an expansion of the fundamentals of classification and valuation along with consideration of other useful customs procedures.  Once again this is a practical course intended to directly transfer to the workplace.

You will gain a detailed knowledge of tariff classification methodology for complex or ‘difficult’ products using available official resources to confidently classify products in the light of your analysis of detailed rulings on interpretation.

Customs Valuation will be discussed with recent rulings and cases used to illustrate complex areas of debate and potential non-compliance allowing you to confidently take valuation decisions in the workplace.

The course extends your knowledge of key issues and explores the practical requirements of compliantly and smoothly moving products with more complicated documentary needs across our borders.

You will also complete your knowledge of the wide range of customs and associated procedures available to bring competitive advantage to your supply-chains; many of which are ‘hot topics’ since the UK left the EU.

This course is part of the suite of Morley Consulting Customs Career Pathway CILT(UK)  Accredited courses which ultimately lead to the Diploma in Practical Trade Compliance.

Syllabus Content

Advanced Customs Valuation

  • Case Studies

Advanced Tariff Classification

  • Case Studies

Plant, Food & Drink Exports and Imports

  • Plants and plant products
  • Food of Animal origin (POAO)
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Phytosanitary Certificates
  • Export Health Certificates
  • Excise 
  • Process and Procedures
  • Systems (IPAFFS / PEACH / EMCS)
  • Composite Products
  • Fees
  • Border Control Posts (BCP)
  • Liabilities

Timber Imports and Exports

  • Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Certification (FLEGT)
  • The Timber and Timber Products and FLEGT (EU Exit) Regulations 2018


  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Usage
  • New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)
  • Transit accompanying Document (TAD)
  • Interaction with the UK Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS)
  • Guarantees
  • Authorised Consignee / Consignor
  • Late Presentation / Non-Compliance
  • Record Keeping
  • Penalties

Onward Supply Relief (OSR)

  • What it is
  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Penalties
  • EU Section 42

Bulk low value parcels

  • Bulk Import Reduced Data Set   (BIRDS)

The future of UK Customs 

  • Customs 2025 - 2035
  • Digitalisation etc.


On-line, closed Book, multichoice assessment: maximum time 1 hour 15 minutes. Pass mark is 70%.

The assessment is independently proctored by CILT(UK) and certificates will be issued by CILT(UK) to successful candidates.

You are assessed on your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge in business situations rather than on your capability to write lengthy essays or memorise legislation.    

Knowledge Level: Practitioner

This is a CILT(UK) Practitioner level accredited non-regulated qualification.

CPD Allocation: 12 hours (structured).


Successful achievement of the Advanced Customs Practitioner certification together with 3.5 years relevant experience in the profession will allow the Learner to apply for Member of the Institute (MILT) with CILT(UK).


Entry Requirements

Applicants will need to hold the following accredited non-regulated qualification:

  • Certificate of Customs Competency

Applicants who do not hold the above but who hold a relevant existing degree or equivalent or who have at least 3 years’ demonstrable experience in customs work will be assessed on an individual, case by case basis, for direct entry onto the course.  Applicants will be expected to be able to demonstrate practical knowledge of the subjects covered in the Certificate of Customs Competency.



£1000.00 plus VAT    (£900 plus VAT for existing CILT members)

Fee includes all Course Materials (not just copies of the slides), Assessment, Proctoring and Certification.


28 February - 1 March 2024 - Advanced Customs Practitioner (Live Virtual Classroom)

9 - 11 July 2024 - Advanced Customs Practitioner (Live Virtual Classroom)

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