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AEO Certified Practitioner

Course Duration

A four day course * leading to certification as an AEO Practitioner. 


Course Overview

AEO certification is a vital part of the UK Government’s post Brexit strategy for achieving the most frictionless borders possible.  Being able to demonstrate to companies that candidates have the in-depth knowledge and skills required to manage a company’s path to AEO certification and to successfully maintain the programme through renewal has been difficult until now.  Having completed this course candidates will have excellent, tangible evidence of their achievements in this area.  This valuable, practical and pragmatic course takes them through everything needed to succeed.

No prior knowledge of the AEO standard is required.   Candidates should be aged 18+.

All content is mandatory – there are no elective or optional elements.  

There is a mandatory Assessment test on the final day of the course.  Candidates must achieve 70% in order to pass.

The course offers 22 hours of CPD.


Course Content

The course includes:

The AEO scheme:

  • What it is
  • Who Sets the Requirements
  • Who governs and manages it
  • Benefits
  • Links to other standards including C-TPAT, PIP, ISO 28001, ISO 27001

Presenting to management – cost/benefit

The requirements:

  • AEO(C)
  • AEO(S)

Preparing to Apply:

  • Managing the project
  • The application process
  • Who needs to be involved
  • The application form
  • The questionnaire
  • Supplementary documentation


Analysing & documenting your processes

Identifying gaps

Auditing for AEO compliance / readiness

Managing the HMRC audit

Maintaining Compliance

A Multichoice Assessment test – pass mark 70% duration 1 hour 15 minutes


Learning outcomes

Candidates will be able to express to their management, colleagues and team members what the AEO scheme is about.  The governance of the scheme and the benefits of attaining AEO certification for a particular company.   They will also be able to explain how the AEO standard relates to other standards such as C-TPAT, PIP, ISO 28001 and ISO 27001.

Candidates will be able to prepare and give presentations for their management detailing the cost of attaining AEO in the context of their company and the benefits of attaining AEO(C) and/or AEO(S) for their company.

Candidates will be able to explain clearly and in-depth the difference between the two types of AEO certification (AEO(S) and AEO(C)), the implications, the benefits and how one or both of the types suit the operations of a particular company.

Candidates will be able to manage the project required to prepare for AEO application within a company including involving/engaging with the right people (subject specialists), completing the application form, attaining responses from multiple departments to the questions on the questionnaire, collating those responses into a coherent whole, writing the required supplementary documentation and managing the application process with HMRC.

Candidates will be able to analyse and document existing processes to the standard needed for AEO application.

Candidates will be able to identify gaps in current processes and procedures which would lead to an unsuccessful application for AEO and will be able to manage the project to remove the discovered gaps and create appropriately documented processes.

Candidates will have the skills required to undertake an internal audit to judge company readiness for AEO application and/or to assess compliance with AEO standards.  This will include how to manage the audit process, prepare an audit plan and undertake the audit itself either as an individual or part of a team.

Candidates will have the skills necessary to manage the external audit by HMRC which assesses a company’s level of compliance with AEO criteria, to ensure as smooth, efficient and effective audit visit and outcome as is possible in the given circumstances.

AEO certification has to be renewed periodically.  Candidates will have the skills required to maintain compliance, undertake interim audits and manage non-conformances after AEO certification has been attained.



Successful candidates will be able to lead companies to achieve both AEO(S) and AEO(C) certification in a professional and knowledgeable way ensuring that companies are prepared to meet the standards set by AEO and that their application will be acceptable to HMRC.    In addition successful candidates will be able to demonstrate to employers and clients that they have the full scope of skills and knowledge required to steer them to success.


Target Audience

Those involved in international trade and international trade compliance including import, export, compliance, audit, customs procedures, supply chain security and Standards. 

Applicable to exporters, importers, traders, customs brokers, freight agents and consultants of any size from SME to global corporations.

Suitable for those at operational, supervisory, management and senior management levels.

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Location and Dates:          

6 - 9 February 2024 -  AEO Certified Practitioner (Live Virtual Classroom)

16 - 19 April 2024 -  AEO Certified Practitioner (Live Virtual Classroom)

25 - 28 June 2024 - AEO Certified Practitioner (Live Virtual Classroom)

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CPD hours: 22 Hours

*Participants have to complete all four modules to complete certification.



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