CILT - Transport Managers

Transport Managers Forum

To provide an open platform for Transport Managers who can benefit from the awareness and understanding of the vital role we play in the safe, legal and efficient operation of our fleets across all industries and sectors.

To create a progressive leadership role that will focus on maintaining and developing compliance and best practice within our industries.

The Transport Manager Forum will seek to act as a discussion group to Transport Managers in the key areas of:-

1. Is Transport Management for me?
1.1. Transport Managers Qualifications & Certification
1.2. Course development and expectation
1.3. Wider business understanding
2. I’m new into the role, what are my responsibilities?
2.1. Duty of Care - Health & Safety is our priority
2.2. Management of Occupational Road Risk (M.O.R.R.)
2.3. Leading and managing people
2.5. Industry specific legislation & legal compliance
3. I’m an established Transport Manager, what next?
3.1. Professional development
3.2. Promoting professionalism in our industry
3.3. Attracting and retaining talent
3.4. Future career opportunities
4. What’s new in the industry?
4.1. Cutting edge technology & advanced system development
4.2. Competitive, innovative solutions
4.3. Dynamic transport infrastructure
5. Information Exchange
5.1. Understanding what is happening in wider industry
5.2. Networking & sharing best practice with fellow professionals

  • Develop and promote suitable forum events addressing topical issues
  • Working Groups
  • Social media as a mechanism for sharing & cascading information

Committee Members

Chris Powell, MILT, Chair
Elliott Kenton, MILT, Committee Member
Sarah Jennings Committee Member 
Richard Jackman, CMILT, Committee Member
Mark Dickinson-Byrne, CMILT, Committee Member
Jake Lane, CMILT, Committee Member
Simon Gardener, CMILT, Committee Member
Christopher Chapman, MILT, Committee Member
Craig Hampton-Stone, FCILT, Committee Member
Karen Crispe, FCILT, Committee Member

Reports and Presentations

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