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November 2018
Preventing your vehicle from becoming a weaponBook Now
Start Date:14/11/2018 19:30
End Date:14/11/2018 20:30
Event Code:KTG0424

When: 14 November 2018 19:00 - 19:30
Where: UKP Leisure, Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne, ME10 4DE
Meeting Point: Reception

Speaker: Alan Burns - Counter Terrorism Security Adviser (Kent)

Alan Burns of CT Policing South East will make us aware of what we can do to stop terrorists.

Refreshments will be provided.

Book online now or contact Membership Services, Tel: 01536 740104 or email: quoting the event code: KTG0424

This is an associated event with The Institute of Road Transport Engineers

Business Engagement and Travel Planning - LondonBook Now
Start Date:15/11/2018 09:00
End Date:15/11/2018 17:00
Event Code:PTRC0550

From reducing congestion and solo car use, to making the workforce healthier and happier, promoting good leadership in the community, making business cost savings, improving accessibility to work sites to lowering CO2 emissions… travel plans offer such a wide range of benefits that many local authorities have developed travel planning programmes that cover not only the workplace situation, but also schools, residential areas, zonal areas and even individuals. Whilst they are undoubtedly an effective tool for securing outcomes from the development planning process, are travel plans the best way of engaging the business community?

This one day course explores the motivational factors behind workplace engagement in behavioural change programmes, equipping practitioners with a tried and tested toolkit for use in developing their own engagement programmes.

Programme and Booking Form

Please find further course/programme details and booking form here.

Course Fees

Standard Fee: £365 + VAT

CILT Member/ Local Authority/ Charity Fee: £345 + VAT


To book please contact the Events Team at


A visit behind the scenes of the M5 Gloucester ServicesBook Now
Start Date:15/11/2018 16:00
End Date:15/11/2018 18:00
Event Code:BGSG0338

15 November 2018, 15:30 (for 16:00)- 18:00
Where: Gloucester Services Southbound M5 - GL4 0DN
Meeting Point: Main Reception

Speaker: Mr Simon Spooner Operations Manager

Long distance high speed travel by road is now a necessity for most of us for work and pleasure and the need for high quality breaks during the journey is essential. For those of us who have stopped at Gloucester Services I'm sure you will agree it offers a very different experience from most motorway services. This visit gives you the chance to see how it works and is managed.

Book online now or contact Membership Services, Tel: 01536 740104 or email: with your completed booking form quoting the event code:  BGSG0338

Cost: Member: Free; Non-Member: £10.00

How to become a better leader. Young Professionals - Leaders of Change - Neuroscience for Business.Book Now
Start Date:15/11/2018 17:30
End Date:15/11/2018 21:30
Event Code:TVG0368

When: 15 November 2018 17:00 (for 17:30) - 21:30
Where: Peter Bretts Associates,Caversham Bridge House, Waterman Place
Reading, RG1 8DN
Meeting Point: Reception 

Speaker: Tom Flatau, Teamworking International Ltd  

Following our very successful Young Professionals seminar in July, the 'Leaders of Change' group are running a second event looking at the use of neuroscience to make you a better leader.

This highly interactive and practical event will show you how to:

•Motivate and inspire staff, give them the desire for greatness and achieve new levels of performance
•Use your emotions intelligently to enhance leadership performance
•Eliminate conflict and stress before they become damaging issues
•Manage your time effectively, giving you the space to focus on business critical projects and avoid being side-tracked by low value tasks
•Adapt your leadership style to face the unique challenges in your role
•Become a powerful communicator who can lead others to new realms of success
•Lead a team to exceed business objectives, working together towards shared goals

Thie Seminar is focused on Young Professionals who have either considered starting their own business, or believe they have an entrepreneurial itch that needs scratching - which we reckon includes most Young Professionals!.

International speaker and consultant Tom Flatau empowers individuals and transforms futures by challenging and changing mindsets.  This is an event that will not only benefit all who attend, but will introduce them to a group of like minded Young Professionals who aim to be the Leaders of Change within our broad, vibrant profession, develop an entrepreneurial spirit and branch out with new enterprises.  The group fosters peer-mentoring and a great social network.

Following the interactive seminar, social networking will be encouraged in the pub adjacent to Peter Bretts Associates offices.

Refreshments and a light buffet will be provided.

Contact Membership Services, Tel: 01536 740104 or email: or fill out our booking form quoting the event code: TVG0368

Cost: Member: £5; Non-Member:£5

Train Service Developments around the West MidlandsBook Now
Start Date:15/11/2018 18:00
End Date:15/11/2018 19:30
Event Code:MG0303

When: 15 November 17:30 (for 18:00) - 19:30
Where: The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND 

Speaker: Richard Brooks, West Midlands Railway Customer Experience Director 

This event is for railway professionals, transport professionals and anyone interested in rail and public transport in the West Midlands. West Midlands Trains has recently taken over the rail franchise that provides local services in the region and has plans for new services and new trains. This lecture will provide a briefing on developments to date and those proposed.

A light buffet will be provided.

Book Now by contacting Membership Services, Tel: 01536 740104 or email: quoting the event code: MG0303

Birmingham Airport - Investing to meet the Challenges of GrowthBook Now
Start Date:15/11/2018 18:30
End Date:15/11/2018 20:30
Event Code:BCG0373

When: 15 November 18:00 (for 18:30) - 20:30
Where: Birmingham Airport,5th Floor,Diamond House,B26 3QJ

Meeting Point: Ground Floor Reception

Speaker: Robert Eaton, Head of Planning & Transport, Birmingham Airport

Robert Eaton, Head of Planning & Transport at Birmingham Airport, will outline the current issues being faced by the Airport and how they are investing to meet the challenges of recent rapid growth. He will also look ahead at the longer term challenges, and how they will be addressed through the Master Plan.

This event has wheelchair access

Refreshments will be provided.

Book online now or contact Membership Services, Tel: 01536 740104 or email: quoting the event code: BCG0373

Fares and Ticketing on Britain's RailwayBook Now
Start Date:15/11/2018 19:00
End Date:15/11/2018 20:30
Event Code:TTG0320

When: 15 November 18:30 (for 19:00) - 20:30
Where: Durham Railway Station, DH1 4RB
Meeting Point: Cathedral Room on Platform 1 (entrance by Costa)

Speaker: LNER Procing Team member TBC

The rail industry is consulting on changes to the fares structure for ticketing, in the light of changing ways in which people buy their tickets. Come and discuss ideas, good and bad, for improving the current system, at the Cathedral Room.

Refreshments will be provided.

Book online now or contact Membership Services, Tel: 01536 740104 or email: quoting the event code: TTG0320

Cycling Infrastructure Design - LondonBook Now
Start Date:16/11/2018 09:00
End Date:16/11/2018 17:00
Event Code:PTRC0548
Description:Cycling is quickly becoming established as a mainstream mode of transport, especially in our larger cities. All the evidence point to its benefits: quicker journeys in urban areas, improved access to jobs and services, reduced congestion, better health and liveability. Getting more people, of all ages and abilities, onto bikes is a key ingredient in the recipe for delivering better, more competitive and more progressive cities.

Retro-fitting high quality cycling infrastructure is a significant challenge for engineers. Restricted space, UK driving rules and culture and political support are key challenges.

This course explores different approaches to making cycling feel convenient and safe in urban areas, illustrated by case studies of innovative cycle infrastructure design. We will help you to understand how to plan networks and interventions to suit different circumstances. We will show the best available methods for designing for cyclists at junctions, main roads and quieter streets.

Programme and Booking Form

Please find further course/programme details and booking form here.

Course Fees

Standard Fee: £365 + VAT

CILT Member/ Local Authority/ Charity Fee: £345 + VAT


Click book now to book online with a card or return a completed booking form to the Events Team at

Certificate of Customs Competency - Summer SchoolBook Now
Start Date:19/11/2018 08:30
End Date:23/11/2018 17:00
Event Code:NW0487
Description:Certificate of Customs Competency

Designed to give delegates the essential knowledge of customs procedures required to work in an operational role within an exporting, importing, transport or freight forwarding environment. It covers the requirements in a practical and pragmatic way ensuring delegates know how to operate legally and how to gain the benefits available for their organisation.

Course content:
This in-depth course will include the following modules:
1. Customs in Action, Practical Compliance: EU, third countries, controls, AEO etc.
2. Customs Tariff Classification: the straightforward ‘how to’ guide
3. Customs Valuation: rules, impact and practical methods for how to arrive at the correct value
4. Origin & Preference: impact, calculation, Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) and most importantly how to gain the benefits
5. Specialist Customs Procedures: why and how to use the most popular duty management procedures available whilst avoiding the pitfalls; Assessment

Learning outcomes:

• Operational competence in the customs environment
• Competent to undertake tariff classification and to identify and correct errors
• Competent to calculate the correct value of goods for customs purposes in different circumstances
• Competent to identify the correct origin of goods for customs purposes and to detect and correct errors
• Competent to identify the most beneficial and applicable customs procedure in different circumstances

This exciting new course sets the standard for professional competence in operational customs compliance. Under the new Union Customs Code a company’s access to customs simplifications, priority treatment and reduced cost will be based on external risk assessment. Successful delegates will be able to prove to employers that they have the knowledge and skills needed to work in this field without placing their organisations at risk. Companies having achieved or seeking to achieve AEO(C) or AEO(F) status will be able to demonstrate that their employees engaged in customs work have the level of knowledge expected by the Standard.

Who this course is for:
Those involved in the use of customs procedures at an operational or supervisory/management level. Applicable to exporters, importers, traders, customs brokers and freight agents of any size from SME to global corporations.


Monday 19th November - Customs in Action – Practical Compliance
Tuesday 20th November - Tariff Classification
Wednesday 21st November - Customs Valuation
Thursday 22nd November - Origin and Preference - Gaining the Benefits
Friday 23rd November - Specialist Customs Procedures and Assessment

Member - £1,765; Non-member - £1,950

*Participants have to complete all five modules to complete the Certificate. Participants can take modules from the spring, late spring and summer sessions although it is strongly recommended that they take all the modules in one session.

Further details are available at

ARE Mark ThurstonBook Now
Start Date:19/11/2018 18:30
End Date:19/11/2018 21:00
Event Code:ARE0318
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