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Hatmill - Supply Chain & Logistics Advisors

Hatmill is a supply chain and logistics advisor working with companies to improve their forecasting, warehouses, transport and inventory. Founded 10 years ago by Simon Dixon, we’ve grown our business through word-of-mouth. We work with large and medium-sized companies, including some of the UK’s leading and most trusted brands, to improve their supply chains so they become more profitable and can transform their customers’ experience. Our clients include Royal Mail, Boots, Asda, Burberry, Sony, NHS Supply Chain and Greggs.

Our broader consultancy work includes:

  • Network design
  • Logistics performance improvement – warehousing and transportation
  • Cost to serve analysis
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Forecasting and demand management

In addition to consulting, we offer ongoing support services to clients:

  • Outsourced demand forecasting - creating more accurate, dependable forecasts to reduce excess stock and lost ‘out of stock’ sales
  • Supply chain analytics - reviewing the success of events, and opportunities to improve order and transport profiles
  • Warehouse optimisation - maximising capability and capacity of a site by structuring and laying out warehousing space in the most efficient way

Working at Hatmill:

  • We’re different from other consulting and supply chain services firms: - We’re a team of 30+ supply chain and logistics specialists, who have all come from industry
  • We’re a ‘Teal’ organisation (link to - self-organisation and self-management are how we’re hard-wired.
  • We take responsibility for our governance and how we interact with each other
  •  We don’t have job titles, and we don’t do hierarchy - Instead of boxed-in roles and job descriptions, we are fluid and projects are often self-selected
  • Instead of boxed-in roles and job descriptions, we are fluid and projects are often self-selected. If you’re interested in joining Hatmill, please get in touch.

Visit the website for more information: