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Supply Chain Collaboration

Harmonious collaboration or coercive integration in retailing: investigating theory and practice - Bernd Philipp and David Grant Full paper 

Collaboration in circular supply chains - Jelena Vlajic and Hsin-I Hsiao Full paper  

Defining freight sharing in the modern economy: past, current and future - Robert Mason, Irina Harris and Georgina Santos Full paper

Agri-Food and Biomass Supply Chain

Power asymmetry and co-opetition in the Irish agri food supply chain - Declan Allen and Marty Reilly Full paper

Can supply chain coopetition enable small enterprises to compete with large enterprises and meet contemporary challenges: evidence from the Irish whisky sector - Janet Kavanagh and Nikolaos Valantasis-Kanellos Full paper

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical supply chain disruption behaviours and shortage management performance - Paul Morris and Edward Sweeney Full paper


An assessment of supply chain vulnerabilities to dynamic disruptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain - Emilia Yaroson, Karam Sharief, Awn Shah and Liz Breen Full paper

Supply Chain Futures

Brexit and the UK trade competitiveness: challenges and opportunities - Lise Hunter, Saeyeon Roh and Young-Joon Seo Full paper

Megatrends shaping the future of the supply chain and logistics - Dimitra Kalaitzi, Aristides Matopoulos, Irene Marchiori, Victoria Muerza, Kerley Pires and Saskia Sardesai Full paper

Service complexity and agency and agency theory: beyond alignment
- Nigel Caldwell, Jens Roehrich, Mickey Howard and Christian Koenig Full paper

Cyber Security Issues and Solutions

Maritime cyber security: the emerging vitual threat to shipping - Kelvin Pang Full paper

The human factor in maritime cybersecurity: cyber training as ROI - Chronis Kapalidis and Stavros Niarchos Full paper

Cyberterrorism Angst - Fotios Moustakis Full paper

Port Management

Measuring the Egyptian container ports’ efficiency: a fuzzy AHP framework - Amhed Ismail and Sara Elgazzar Full paper 

Long-term forecast of the UK container ports throughput - Manuel Buitrago Moreno and John Preston Full paper 

Port performance and crude oil export logistics system distribution in Nigeria - Ishaka Shitu, John Dinwoodie and Saeyeon Roh Full paper

Green Logistics I

Identifying green logistics best practices: a case study of Thailand’s public hospitals - Thianthip Bandoophanit, Liz Breen and Kevin Barber Full paper

Examining the role of supply chain stakeholders in greening the construction sector - Sreejith Balasubramanian and Vinaya Shukla Full paper

Analysis of the effect of reverse logistics on container shipping in Nigeria - Geraldine Okeudo and Ibeawuchi Nze Full paper

Urban/Last Mile Logistics I

Developing a conceptual framework for sustainable ‘last-mile’ delivery for Chinese online retailing market - Boyong Zhang and Yongmei Bentely Full paper

Collaboration in the last mile delivery of groceries
- Emel Aktas, Mihchael Bourlakis and Dimitris Zissis Full paper

The impacts of logistics challenges on order management: the case of e-commerce firms in Nigeria - Olatunde Olajide and Dong-Wook Kwak Full paper

Innovations in Supply Chain

The promotion of innovation in the EU marine equipment sector - Noor Hasanuddin, Sarah Tuck and Saeyeon Roh Full paper

Linking the packaging innovation process to logistics and supply chain performance in the food industry
- Henrik Palsson and Daniel Hellstrom Full paper

Structutre does not follow strategy - structure is the strategy. How operational excellence through a viable organizational structure delivers the fourth generic strategy - Qeis Kamran and Rolf Neise Full paper

Supply Network Design

Thinking through the platform’s role as a tool for supplier network management - Kai Hakkinen, Outi Kettunen, Kari-Pekka Pitkanen and Merja Airola Full paper

Investigating the influence of commodisation within logistics outsourcing - Samir Dani, Ayanda Mpofu, Rob Krikhaar and Jo Godsmark Full paper

Evaluation of project logistics company selection based on customers’ perspectives - A-Rom Kim, Keun-Sik Park, Young-Joon Seo and Dong-Wook Kwak Full paper

Urban/Last Mile Logistics II

Evaluation of the use of public space in cities: a pilot-study of competing uses including urban logistics - Alena Brettmo, Henrik Ringsberg and Michael Browne Full paper

Universities as an sustainable living labs. Exploring commercial traffic at the university of Leeds campus - Anthony Ezenwa and Eleonora Morganti Full paper

An exploration on the strategic elements ensuring e-retailers’ home delivery performance - a perception from consumer’s perspective in an emerging marketplace - Chengbo Wang, Jun Wang and Baomin Qi Full paper

Multimodal Transport Network

Increasing the use of inland waterways - evaluating approaches for identifying goods flows for modal shift  - Vendela Santen, Nick Riley, Sara Rogerson, Martin Svanberg and Mahsa Zolfaghari Full paper

Promoting waterborne transportation for better sustainable freight movements in the South West UK - Sapna Chacko, John Dinwoodie and Shunmugham Pandian Full paper

Modal shift to inland waterways: dealing with barriers in two Swedish cases - Sara Rogerson, Vendela Santen , Martin Svanberg , Jon Williamsson and Johan Woxenius Full paper

Sustainability Management

Exploring the influence of institutional forces and company strategy on shaping sustainable supply chain management in supply chain networks: empirical evidence from China - Haiyan Lu, Andrew Potter, Donna Marshall, Helen Walker and Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues Full paper

What drives a firm’s sustainability management?: developing a holistic model - Nur Fatin Abd Hamid, Ming Lim, Devon Barrow and Dong-Wook Kwak Full paper

Analysing the indicators of sustainable supply chain management: a grey dematel approach - Gunjan Yadav, Sachin Kumar Mangla, Sunil LuthraTushar Desai and Haiyan Lu Full paper

Exploring the environmental sustainability and performance in global logistics hubs - Sandy Hassan, Alessandro Creazza, Sarah Shaw and David Grant Full paper

Humanitarian Logistics

Determining the pre-positioning problem of disaster relief warehouses in Asia-Pacific region - Polin Lai and Xiao Shuang Lin Full paper

Barriers of inventory management in humanitarian logistics: a Syrian supply chains study - Bashar Khoury and Nasiru Zubairu Full paper

Exploring approaches to logistics collaboration among humanitarian aid organisations: lessons from for-profit horizontal collaboration - Saeyeon Roh and Dong-Wook Kwak Full paper

Rural Supply Chain Management: a literature review and research agenda - Pietro Evangelista, Bettina Williger, Girma Gebresenbet and Ulrich Muller-Steinfahrt Full paper

Big Data and Data Analytics in Supply Chains

An optimisation big data analytics model for a maritime supply chain by using multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) - Khaled El-Sakty Full paper

Information technology and a digital divide the supply chains: perspectives of UK SMEs  - Witold Bahr and Edward Sweeney Full paper

Supply chain analysis through big data - driving an integrated decision making process - Luiza Cunha de Menezes and Otacilio Jose Moreira Full paper

An exploration of big data analytics in retail supply chain - Ghada Elkady, Chukwuneke Okorie and Youssef Roushdy Full paper

Benchmarking Logistics Performance

Testbed simulation in business ecosystem context - benchmarking logistics performance - Kari Uusitalo and Petri Laine Full paper

The impact of working capital management on financial performance: an empirical research in UK Food SMEs - Denghao Wei, Michael Bourlakis and Emel Aktas Full paper

Financial value-added service by logistics service providers - towards a guidance of external governance
- Philipp Wetzel and Erik Hofmann Full paper

The development of a sustainable supply chain performance measurement framework in the oil refining sectorDina E. Tamazin, Nicoleta S. Tipi and Saher Validi Full paper

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance: new horizons - Simon Templar, Xuanmiao Wang, William Extra and Charles Findlay Full paper

Towards a taxamony of supply chain financial performance - Nasiru Zubairu, John Dinwoodie and Lise Hunter  Full paper

Incentivizing sales teams to support categorically different service portfolio extensions: a qualitative study of financial valude-added services at logistics service providers - Philipp Wetzel and Erik Hofmann  Full paper

Procurement and Supplier Development

Optimising the total logistics cost of commodity procurement in global supply chain management - Ahmed Aljizani, Alessandro Creazza, Steve Trotter and David Menachof Full paper

Development of a maturity model to assess supplier relationship management (SRM) practices in Egyptian food processing sector - Lobna A. Hafez and Shunmugham G. Pandian Full paper

Human Factor

The main factors determining position of women in comtemporary logistics and supply chains - Danuta Kisperska Moron Full paper

A comparative case study analysis of access to work in the UK logistics industry - Erica Ballantyne and Andrea Genoves Full paper

The ambivalence of employee empowerment: the case of the shipping industry
- Lijun Tang Full paper

Port Sustainability

Evaluation of liquefied natural gas bunkering port selection - A-Rom Kim, Young-Joon Seo and Dong-Wook Kwak Full paper

Modification of port sustainability management system (PSMS) - Ridvan Karacay, John Dinwoodie and Lynne Butel Full paper

Automation in port industry and its impact on port sustainability - Yilin Wang and Chukwuneke Okorie Full paper

Information Technology/eSystems

E-marketplace adoption in supply chains during unpredictable business climates: a case study of german chemical industry's approach to e-marketplace during recession - Shunmugham G Pandian  Full paper

Investigating ICT diffusion dynamics among SMEs third-party logistics providers in Nigeria: an exploratory mixed-method study - Anthony Ezenwa, Anthony Whiteing, Daniel Johnson and Akunna Oledinma Full paper

Social media in supply chain and operations management: state-of-the art and research directions - Shupeng Huang, Andrew Potter and Daniel Eyers Full paper

Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain disruption: aligning business strategy and supply chain tactics - Steve O’Sullivan and Claudia-Maria Wagner Full paper 

Analyzing supply chain resilience using temporal fault tree analysis - Ernest Edifor, David Lascelles and Graham Dixon Full paper

Logistics and Supply Chain Education Training

An empirical review of logistics and supply chain management skill requirements: a stakeholder perspective in Oman - Ahmed Aykour and Maurice Brady Full paper

How sustainable is logistics education: a research agenda for educating logisticians in A.D. 2100 - John Dinwoodie Full paper

Evaluating skill requirement for logistics operation industry between logistics service providers and academics
- Chia-Hsun Chang and Chi-Chang Lin Full paper

Threshold concepts - their identification and use in operations -
Charles Thornton Full paper

Green Logistics II

Identifying reverse exchange practices: a comparative study of laundry logistics in public hospitals (Thailand)- Thianthip Bandoophanit and Liz Breen Full paper 

Being green is being sustainable: the role of critical enablers
- Augustine Bempong, Ming Lim and Jialun Hu Full paper 

An empirical investigation on the impact of firm ownership on green supply chain practices and performance - Sreejith Balasubramanian and Vinaya Shukla Full paper 

The role of applied theory to deliver safety, compliance, air quality and competitive benefits to the UK road freight transport sector - Erica Ballantyne and Graeme Heron Full paper 

Oil and Gas Supply Chain

A comparison of the Nigerian oil and gas supply chains with the UK: taking a sustainability perspective - Olatunde Olajide, Dong-Wook Kwak and Qile He Full paper

Utilisation of railway for bulk peteroleum product transfers in Sri Lanka - Janak Dharmaprema and Varuna Gunasekara Full paper

How correct were they? - a comparison of logistics/supply chain practitioner and educator views of near-term oil price with the actual oil price - Yongmei Bentley, Guangming Cao, Ramakrishnan Ramanathan and Roger Bentley Full paper

Optimisation and Decision-Making

Exploring deviation information for proactive decisions in real-time transport planning - Per Wide Full paper

Modelling and optimization of indigenous boat building operations in Nigeria’s Niger Delta - Ibeawuchi C. Nze, Agaviezor K. Oke and Geraldine N. Okeudo Full paper

Application of artificial neural network for the inventory management of the fast-moving consumer goods distributiors - Nancy Deraz, Yi wang, Jonathan Moizer and Irina Neaga Full paper

The significane of Cynefin for complex infrastructure projects - Mohamed M. Naim, Jon Gosling and Bill Hewlett Full paper

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