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PTV Group

PTV Group are recognized as the global market leader in developing intelligent software solutions for transport logistics and traffic planning

PTV Group helps companies to optimise their resources, improve efficiency, manage and reduce costs, and, most importantly, improve the service they provide to their customers. 

The PTV Group has over four decades’ experience in logistics planning and optimisation. We supply the latest innovative and market leading solutions in our exclusive Logistics Product Portfolio, with a full range of products offering fully interactive to fully automated. 

Our intelligent algorithms help companies to make the best use of the road – be it  route calculation, route optimisation or field force planning. Real-time solutions allow the most efficient use of resources while producing the most economic results. Our customers save time and money – even with a small fleet our route optimisation tools result in 7% - 25% savings! 

Our solutions range from delivery and route scheduling software; tactical and strategic evaluations for distribution and operational planning; and trip, route and schedule optimisation which includes  accurate cost calculation and Estimated Time of Arrival.   

We can help improve efficiencies at destinations with  Map & Guide, Map & Market and Drive & Arrive. These can automatically inform partners’ systems and customers directly about ETA.

The PTV products, though, do not ignore or override the skills and experience of users who may have their preferred methods and routes.  One of the unique selling points of our products is that users can quickly create a full schedule and still manually intervene when required. 

The PTV xServer suite underpins the full Logistics product portfolio. It is fully scalable and customisable, and allows users to seamlessly integrate logistics APIs with systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM and TMS or build their own solution with the PTV xServer modules, saving costly in-house development. 

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