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What is ‘BusMark’?

‘BusMark’ is the new benchmarking club, designed by leading bus and coach professionals for your industry and is dedicated to driving improvement in the Passenger sector. BusMark enables operators, of any fleet size, to enjoy a club environment, in which critical areas of business can be benchmarked to identify, share and discuss best practices.

What does BusMark do?

BusMark benchmark's your organisation’s operational performance with other bus and coach companies in the UK and Ireland. By helping to establish ‘best in class’ and clearly identifying potential business improvements within your organisation, your confidential data will be used to compare and contrast operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

You will receive your own tailored report based on the survey questions you elect to complete. This confidential report details the maximum, minimum and median responses to each question. Using a traffic light system of analysis, the report identifies high performance levels, below average (median) levels and poor performance using green, amber and red  respectively, illuminating aspects of your operations that require closer evaluation and scrutiny.

The BusMark Club meets quarterly to discuss the survey results, common issues and emerging trends. The meetings include a facility tour by the host company, showcasing areas of high performance. 

Benefits for your organisation

Key Performance Indicator Benchmarking
Detailed reports and industry comparisons, in an easily accessible format (plus a graphical history report following two years continuous membership), will identify any needs for improvement, as well as providing confidence when demonstrating your areas of strength.

Best practice exchange
Learn from the experiences of other organisations that are committed to improvement from within the Bus and Coach sector, and from across CILT’s other benchmarking clubs, in a non-competitive environment.

Benchmarking attracts positive, like-minded and engaged organisations focussed on business improvement. Broaden your network of high level contacts.

Gain key facts and figures
To champion the excellent credentials of buses and coaches – useful for business development activities, whilst informing and lobbying key stakeholders.

A badge of honour
Display your BusMark member logo, demonstrating your commitment to driving improvement, both in your business and across the industry.

Be a part of BusMark today

To become a member of BusMark download the application form here.

For further information about BusMark’s sponsorship opportunities contact: Tel - 01536 740123 | Email -

Sponsorship Opportunity

A fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the Bus & Coach Industry.

Commercial organisations are invited to show their support for the values of enhanced operational performance, and the general economic well-being, of the Bus and Coach industry, by sponsoring the CILT’s ‘BusMark – Driving Improvements’ benchmarking club.

Sponsorship packages provide maximum exposure and excellent interaction 
opportunities with your key audience(s). Associate your products/services with a club, that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence across a variety of business disciplines.

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CILT Bus & Coach Driver Shortage Report 2016

In April 2016, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport carried out an opinion survey, inviting all of our Busmark club members to take part. 

The purpose of the survey was to gauge opinions from bus and coach drivers about the current driver shortage. 

Our aim is to make recommendations to operators about where improvements could be made.

In total we had 59 responses and this report presents our findings.

The Institute would like to thank all of the members who took part in the survey and for their willingness to share their opinions and ideas.

View the full report here

By sponsoring CILT’s new BusMark Benchmarking Club commercial organisations are able to show their support for the value of enhanced operational performance, and the general economic well-being of the bus and coach industry.

For further information on the sponsorship opportunities available please contact us today; Tel: 01536 740168 Email:

The BusMark Club boasts a very active membership, comprising many of the UK’s leading bus and coach companies.
To view the latest BusMark Members click here.

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