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CILT(UK) Code of Conduct 2024 (CoC 24)


This Code of Conduct applies to all members of CILT(UK) when engaging in activity related to their profession, and supports the CILT(UK) vision of a transport, logistics, operations and supply chain profession recognised and celebrated for its quality, expertise and value. 

CILT(UK) Members agree to act within the definitions of the four general areas of behaviour described in this CoC.

The Institute’s Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) will refer to this Code of Conduct in its workings and the mechanism for dealing with breaches of the code are given at Appendix 1: CILT(UK) Conduct Process. The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) will be constituted by the Board in line with clause 45 of the CILT Bye-Laws 2024, to adjudicate over referred breaches of CoC 24.

General Areas of Behaviour

The general areas of behaviour include the actions, words and any format or other communication, whether written or verbal of any member at any time that they are representing the CILT(UK) or in the course of their day to day work.

1. Professional and decent behaviour to others

  • 1.1 Members must always behave in a professional and respectful way towards others, with consideration, encouragement, fairness, to promote reassurance and confidence to the individual. This applies equally in both the ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ environments.
  • 1.2 Members must act responsibly to secure the welfare, health and safety of all others, including other Members, their colleagues, the public as well as the staff of the CILT(UK) and understand the impact of their activities on the environment and the community.

2. Behaviours towards the CILT(UK) itself

  • 2.1 Members must act with integrity, honesty and professionalism and carry out their duties in such a way as to promote a positive image of the Institute and the profession.
  • 2.2 Members must represent the Institute fairly, reputably and with good intent. This applies equally in both the ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ environments.
  • 2.3 Members must actively contribute towards and collaborate with the development of the Institute and promote its purpose and charitable objectives.
  • 2.4 Members must respect the dignity of other members, volunteers and CILT(UK) staff respecting their opinions, decisions and choices.
  • 2.5 Members must support equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • 2.6 Members must not enter into financial agreements or arrangements in the name of the Institute without the prior agreement of the Executive. Arrangements such as external sponsorship should be open or without favour except with publicity of the fact.
  • 2.7 Members must notify the Institute if they are the subject of any criminal conviction, or adverse civil court judgement (whether in the UK or outside), or have been disqualified as a Company Director or Charity Trustee, or had membership of another professional body terminated as a result of a disciplinary procedure. This does not apply to either a conviction for a motoring offence for which no term of imprisonment (either immediate or suspended) is imposed or an offence which is regarded as ‘spent’ within the meaning of the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or equivalent legislation elsewhere.

3. Behaviours in workplaces & with employers.

  • 3.1 Members must approach their work ethically and with professional integrity.
  • 3.2 Members should actively promote international understanding, goodwill and co-operation.
  • 3.3 Members must be objective and truthful in any statement made in their professional capacity.

4. Behaviour in professional development

  • 4.1 Members must continue professional development throughout their careers and actively assist and encourage fellow members, as well as non-members, to advance their knowledge and expertise.
  • 4.2 Members must ensure that their skills and knowledge remain current so that they work competently and effectively and in line with industry best standards and practices at all time.
  • 4.3 Members must strive to build their professional reputation on merit and compete fairly and transparently where competition is appropriate.
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