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Certificate of Customs Competency training

Course Duration - Five modules* delivered over five days


Designed to give delegates the essential knowledge of customs procedures required to work in an operational role within an exporting, importing, transport or freight forwarding environment. It covers the requirements in a practical and pragmatic way ensuring delegates know how to operate legally and how to gain the benefits available for their organisation.

Course Content:

This in-depth course will include the following modules:

  1. Customs in Action, Practical Compliance: EU, third countries, controls, AEO etc.
  2. Customs Tariff Classification: the straightforward ‘how to’ guide
  3. Customs Valuation: rules, impact and practical methods for how to arrive at the correct value
  4. Origin & Preference: impact, calculation, Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) and most importantly how to gain the benefits
  5. Specialist Customs Procedures: why and how to use the most popular duty management procedures available whilst avoiding the pitfalls; Assessment 

The course is taught by experienced industry professionals from a pragmatic and practical view point aiming to give delegates the knowledge and tools needed to fulfil a commercial customs role in the supply chain efficiently and effectively making full use of the available customs processes and procedures to obtain the best outcomes for their organisation or customers.

The emphasis is placed on understanding requirements and options, being able to assess whether or not they apply to a given situation and what benefits and drawbacks the use of the different options will produce. This allows delegates to use their knowledge in any environment and in conjunction with any computer system used by their company or customers. 

A multi-choice assessment will be undertaken on the final day. Candidates must attend all five days of the course and attain the pass mark in the assessment to be awarded the Certificate.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Operational competence in the customs environment
  • Competent to undertake tariff classification and to identify and correct errors
  • Competent to calculate the correct value of goods for customs purposes in different circumstances
  • Competent to identify the correct origin of goods for customs purposes and to detect and correct errors
  • Competent to identify the most beneficial and applicable customs procedure in different circumstances


This exciting new course sets the standard for professional competence in operational customs compliance. Under the new Union Customs Code a company’s access to customs simplifications, priority treatment and reduced cost will be based on external risk assessment. Successful delegates will be able to prove to employers that they have the knowledge and skills needed to work in this field without placing their organisations at risk. 

Companies having achieved or seeking to achieve AEO(C) or AEO(S) status will be able to demonstrate that their employees engaged in customs work have the level of knowledge expected by the Standard.

Target Audience:

Those involved in the use of customs procedures at an operational or supervisory/management level. 

Applicable to exporters, importers, traders, customs brokers and freight agents of any size from SME to global corporations.

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Locations and dates:       

22 - 26 January 2024 - Certificate of Customs Competency (Live Virtual Classroom)

18 - 22 March 2024 - Certificate of Customs Competency (Live Virtual Classroom)

3 - 7 June 2024 - Certificate of Customs Competency (Live Virtual Classroom)

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CPD hours: 28 Hours

*Participants have to complete all five modules to complete the Certificate. Participants can take attend modules from the spring and autumn sessions though it is strongly recommended that they take all the modules in one session.


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