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Staci is a leading multichannel logistics specialist, delivering eCommerce logistics, multichannel fulfilment, spare parts and aftermarket logistics, and marketing fulfilment services across the UK, Europe and the world.

With over 60 fulfilment centres in 8 countries including UK, France, US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, Staci distributes 15 billion items per year for clients including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Morrisons, Ordnance Survey, Sisley, Sogefi and Dollar Shave Club.

We are driven by flexibility, continuous improvement, and a commitment to outstanding customer service.

Flexibility to create solutions designed perfectly to every client has been a key part of Staci for over 30 years. Our team of Project Managers will engage with you to understand deeply your motivations, fears, challenges and opportunities and will build a bespoke operation to deliver every time. We’ll integrate systems, we’ll invest in infrastructure, and we’ll be your home from home.

Our Continuous Improvement team and culture seeks both big innovative leaps and everyday marginal efficiencies in order to deliver faster, better and more competitively, and we’ll show you how we do it. We’ll also show you over a rolling 18 months what we’re going to do for you to create local efficiencies for your operation.

Staci is famous for customer service, and has been our critical success factor from day one. Going above and beyond, working tirelessly day and night, adopting your brands as our own and being ambassadors for them, and recognising the crucial role we play in delivering your customer experience is vital to our success. We’ll even provide you with a report each year to show you what you and every other client told us about our customer service, and how we’ll improve every year.

 As a £350+ million turnover business with 7.5 million square feet of fulfilment capacity throughout the globe, and supported by one of the world’s largest investment houses, Ardian, Staci is a highly experienced multichannel logistics specialist with the culture and capacity to care today, tomorrow, and over many years ahead.

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