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Climate change is arguably the most pressing environmental challenge of our time, and with Logistics and Transport accounting for 28% of all UK carbon emissions, our profession has a huge role to play in reaching net zero by 2050. The challenges are great but so too are the opportunities, and CILT believes that our sector will be a key part of the solution. Over the coming years CILT will work to provide the knowledge, networks and knowhow to inspire and inform ambition: keeping you moving on a Route to a Net Zero future.
Routes to Net-Zero 2050: 2020 Year-End Summary Report
This report summarises the work of CILT over the last year on transport decarbonisation and is intended to update CILT members, government ministers and officials, industry and other interested parties.
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The challenge of future carbon and emissions reduction for rural communities
The government’s policy to prevent the sale of internal-combustion-powered private cars and light vans by 2030 is a serious societal challenge across the UK in general and for rural communities in particular.
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HS2 rail network to harness 3D concrete printing

On-site 3D reinforced concrete printing is set to deliver environmental benefits for Britain’s new high speed rail network.

02 August 2021/Number of views (503)

Scania to participate in HGV electrification study

Scania is set to participate in a feasibility study into the operation of long haul electrified trucks utilising dynamic charging provided by overhead wires on electric roads.  
29 July 2021/Number of views (1038)

DPD UK commits to electric deliveries in Oxford

DPD UK has confirmed that all future parcel deliveries in Oxford will be made with electric vehicles.  
29 July 2021/Number of views (1045)

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