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Road Skills Online 

Road Skills Online (RSO) provide a CPD Standards Office accredited e-learning programme for professional development in the transport sector. RSO supports drivers and managers on professional development of their knowledge and behaviour and they love it.

Think better, drive well, control costs.

The RSO Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a personalised and relevant e-learning experience helping drivers to think better, drive well, control costs and contribute to public safety.

It’s new, it’s modern, it’s dynamic and the feedback we have suggests drivers prefer it to face to face TBTs with their ‘Boss’. Using this exciting and engaging platform means that professional drivers remain involved with a focus on the company’s interests while keeping their knowledge and behaviour current in a relevant and easy to use way.

When at the CILT Emma Jennings said “21st century learning should be user-led, bite-sized, on demand and mobile”. That is exactly what RSO is offering you. Even when its difficult to fit in face-to-face time the RSO PDP provides a way to deliver excellent learning for drivers and transport managers.

Most Operators encounter challenges to running a regular, relevant and consistent toolbox talk programme (CPD). The RSO PDP is just right for every operator wishing to develop Professional Strandards with their drivers as it addresses what a drive rneeds to know and do in relation to:

  • Licence compliance – incl Public Safety which is the first objective of the O Licence system
  • Driving at Work
  • Driver personal health and lifestyle
  • Health & Safety in Road Haulage (incl Workplace Transport)
  • Road Traffic Act
  • Highway Code
  • FORS
  • DVSA Earned Recognition

Contact us at 01202 923092 or visit to arrange a demo.Then you could compare what you are doing now with what you could be doing and see what you think?